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Alive and Well with Uranus

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Commonly misunderstood and feared as a cosmic trouble-maker, Uranus and its transits offer exciting times for us when our future is ready to explode with fresh new alternatives for living.

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The key to getting through these changes is to be aware of them and work with them, rather than fight them. Lively, full explanations of Uranus:

  • In relation to your natal houses
  • In transit to all houses and signs

"Think of Neptune as a beautiful soap bubble, with its swirling colors and its ability to float effortlessly in the air. Then think of Uranus as a huge, sharp, gleaming straight pin suddenly coming out of nowhere to prick that iridescent bubblepop!

This is Uranus' basic role at this time: to burst our own self-created bubbles of illusion that lull us into a false sense of serenity, security or complacency."

Author Tierney, Bil
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 289 pp.
Publisher Llewellyn Publications 1999
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