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Art of Chart Interpretation, The

Product no.: 0-916360-29-6
A step-by-step guide to assessing all the facets of the astrology chart and determining what is most important and how to interpret it.

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Publisher's Synopsis
Many astrology books pay attention to individual parts of the chart, but do not help the reader to put the whole together. This book does.

After mastering the synthesizing process, you will be able to determine and focus on the 5-10 most essential elements in any chart, and impart to another his/her most pronounced characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and talents... as well as delineate the path of personal development.

"Tracy's method allows us to pick out the predominant factors in a birth-chart, providing a foundation for a holistic, organic interpretation... Well-written, clear and direct, it will be a boon to students and practitioners."    ~Nolle

Author Marks, Tracy
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 176 pp.
Publisher CRCS Publications 1986
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