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Becoming Aware of the Logos

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The fruit of many years of study and meditation, Becoming Aware of the Logos places the reader in the world of living, thinking and cognitive love.

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It teaches the way of grace and truth in a radical, original manner. For the Logos, although it is the ground of any true logic, is beyond ordinary dialectic. The author does not approach his subject conventionally, but penetrates and communicates it by unfolding central themes such as: the Logos in the beginning; the light in the darkness; the speaker; life; spirit; grace; and truth.


"The Son is the Father's countenance or word, but the ability to see him is the Spirit: the Logos in me. As a visible experience the Son would simply extinguish human I-consciousness. This is what happened to the man, Jesus, who sacrificed his I-conscousness for the Logos. This is what also happened to the disciples. Up to the arrest of Jesus, the Logos penetrated them like a luminous enchantment. His essence spread amongst them and spoke through them."  

Author Kuhlewind, Georg
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 196 pp.
Publisher Lindisfarne Press 1985
Gold Medal

Gold Medal


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