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Glimpses of Abhidharma

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The Abhidharma is a collection of Buddhist scriptures that investigates the workings of the mind and the states of human consciousness.

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In this book Chogyam Trungpa dicussses the development of ego as it is explained in the Abhidharma. From the Buddhist perspective, the creation of ego is a neurotic process based on fundamental ignorance of our true situation. This book shows how an examination of the formation of ego leads to a realization of confusion and also provides an opportunity to develop real intelligence. The practice of meditation is represented as the means that enables us to see our psychological situation clearly and directly.

Glimpses of Abhidharma is a provocative interpretation of ego and psychology, presented in a highly personal and humanistic context.


Master of meditation, "crazy wisdom" guru, social visionary, author, artist, poet — Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1939 – 1987) founded Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, the first Buddhist university in North America; the Shambhala Training program; and Vajradhatu, an international association of meditation centers (now known under the name Shambhala International).

To this day, Trungpa is still widely regarded as being "one of the four foremost popularizers of Eastern spirituality" in the West in the twentieth century—the other three being Ram Dass, D. T. Suzuki and Alan Watts. Others such as the Buddhist scholar Kenneth Rexroth, though, have offered a less complimentary perspective: "Many believe Chögyam Trungpa has unquestionably done more harm to Buddhism in the United States than any man living."

Author Trungpa, Chogyam
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 117 pp.
Publisher Shambhala Publications 2001
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