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Guide to The Words of My Perfect Teacher, A

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An essential guide to Patrul Rinpoche's classic work, providing background information to the text and illuminating detail.

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Khenpo Ngawang Pelzang was a close disciple of Patrul Rinpoche, from whom he received direct instructions on how to study and practice with this text, and his notes bring the Words of My Perfect Teacher into perspective with an interesting overview. Beginning with a general introduction on how to approach the teachings, it goes through the original book chapter by chapter, filling in the background.

Translated in a joint project between the Dipamkara group under the guidance of Alak Zenkar Rinpoche and the Padmakara translation group.

"Anyone with a true interest in the teachings of the Buddha, and especially the practice of Dzogchen, will treasure Patrul Rinpoche's Words of My Perfect Teacher as a simply indispensable source of teachings on all practices, whether preliminaries or main. How wonderful now to have this guide, a priceless treasure of explanation, clarification, and practical advice from the heart of the great oral lineage of the Great Perfection, handed down by Patrul Rinpoche himself and recorded by Khenpo Ngawang Pelzang, one of the most influential Dzogchen masters of recent times."      ~Sogyal Rinpoche

Kathog Khenpo Ngawang Pelzang (1879-1941)

"Some lamas were recognized tulkus, enthroned as the heads of great monasteries, with considerable spiritual influence over the large communities of monks under their care and over the local lay populations. Others, like Patrul Rinpoche and Milarepa, were respected on account of their total disregard for wealth, fame, and position, inspiring and teaching through the example of their humility and simple lifestyle. Yet others chose to undertake many years of intensive academic training, mastering the texts of sutra and tantra and their commentaries in order to qualify as khenpos.

The khenpos were learned professors responsible for the education of the tulkus and monks in the monasteries and at the same time faultless upholders of the Vinaya who continued its transmission in ordaining thousands of monks and supervising their training. It should not be imagined, however, that they confined themselves to their duties in the monasteries, for many of them also spent years meditating in retreat and transforming the texts they taught into inner spiritual realization. And if they did not occupy the thrones of recognized incarnations, this did not necessarily mean that they had not been 'someone' in their previous births.

In Khenpo Ngakchung's case that 'someone' was a whole series of accomplished beings in India and Tibet - scholars, yogis, translators, Dharma kings, treasure discoverers - summarized in one biography as twenty-five great incarnations. Foremost among these was Vimalamitra, the great Indian master who was responsible, with Guru Padmasambhava, for introducing the Nyingtik teachings to Tibet and who promised on his departure from Tibet to send an emanation every hundred years. Khenpo Ngakchung had also been, in a previous life, the Indian master Sthiramati, Vasubandhu's foremost Abhidharma student, and this was to hold him in good stead when he came to study this difficult subject."

Author Pelzang, Khenpo Ngawang
Coauthor Patrul Rinpoche
Translator Padmakara Translation Group
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 357 pp.
Publisher Shambhala Publications 2004
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