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Hopi Survival Kit, The

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For nearly a century the Elders of Hotevilla - a tiny village on a remote Hopi reservation in Arizona - have been guarding the secrets and prophecies of a thousand-year-old covenant.

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When in May of 1993 retired Lutheran pastor and renowned writer Thomas E. Mails accepted an invitation to visit the Traditionalist village of Hotevilla on the remote Hopi reservation in Arizona, he had little reason to imagine that he would soon be chosen by 100-year-old high priest Dan Evehema to reveal to the outside world the entire range of Hopi prophecy, instructions and warnings - the sum of which make searching for today - a proven way for our endangered world to survive.

Mails discovered that the venerable Elders of Hotevilla were the capstones of a long line of stalwart Keepers of a remarkable Covenant, and that for the last ninety years they have stood virtually alone against powerful foes as they forged their village into a stronghold of faith and a microcosmic shrine that would endure until its covenanted job was done.

First made about A.D. 1100 with Massaw, servant of the Creator and guardian deity of the earth, this vital Hopi Covenant was designed to ensure the well being of the earth and its creatures. It has worked perfectly for nearly a millennium, but as Massaw prophesized centuries before, White intrusion, with the complicity of materialistic Hopi Tribal Councils and Hopi Progressives, would erode the Traditional life-way and set into motion intense conflict and the fulfillment of a host of prophecies, finally bringing the Covenant work to an end.

At the pivotal time in history when it is most urgently needed, The Hopi Survival Kit gives us the most comprehensive account of traditional Hopi prophecy ever revealed.

"As we near the closing of the Fourth Cycle of the Earth, Mails challenges all who will listen to board a Spiritual Ark by practicing simplicity and self-sufficiency."        ~NAPRA ReView, Spring, 1997

"It is time now for the formation of a global family that is blending with the land and celebrating life, for people who will be environmentalists by nature, and a universal family by choice.

When you take up the banner of the Creator and board the Spiritual Ark, you are going to blend in a wonderful way. By expressing your new feelings toward others, Earth Mother, and the rest of creation, you are about to develop a new attitude that will bring superb things to pass. In dealing with life in general on the Ark, and with specific life in the instance of plants and other created things, you will be living each day in the midst of a transformation that will assure survival. Everything will be softer, quieter, and more gentle. Peace and beauty will be your guiding stars. When this feeling reaches Mother Earth, she will quiet down too, and all of us can rest easily while we prepare for the future.

For example, the point in developing a new attitude toward your plants is not only beneficial in what it does for the plant, it is beneficial for what it does for you and others. What you send out in every instance comes back to you a thousand fold. Changing what you think about yourself will change the whole of you. Other people will see and feel this, and it will stimulate and change them. The Elderly Elder's attitude promotes this ripple effect. It fills you up, overflows, and then ripples out to touch and change the rest of the world. The direction of the Great Play will be influenced, the prophecies will soften, and the severity of the ending will be reduced. The pace will slow; and the intensity will be diminished. Even the form will change. Every threat will be pushed back, so that we will have the time we need to shape the closing down of this cycle, and to determine how the next cycle will begin."

Author Mails, Thomas
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 376 pp.
Publisher Penguin Books 1997
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