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Key, The: And the Name of the Key is Willingness

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Explore topics such as the difference between process and content, notions of right and wrong, ending self-punishment, and taking responsibility for one's experiences.

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Perfect for beginning Zen students and for those interested in Buddhism in general or eastern religion, it features deep spiritual insights and playful illustrations that add warmth and approachability to the topic.

"There was com­pas­sion in the mes­sage beyond my intel­lec­tual grasp. What I didn’t real­ize at the time was that was a very, very good thing. Because prac­tice has taught me that if we are inter­ested in end­ing suf­fer­ing and mov­ing toward lib­er­a­tion, grasp­ing some­thing intel­lec­tu­ally is not at all what we’re going for. I invite you to move beyond the intel­lect and into an expe­ri­ence of life. This book will point the way."        ~Ann, Stillheart Institute

Author Huber, Cheri
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 133 pp.
Publisher Keep It Simple Books 1998
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