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Mutant Message Down Under

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Mutant Message Down Under recounts a unique, timely, and powerful life-enhancing message for all humankind.

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It is not too late to save our world from destruction if we realize that all living things - be they plants, animals, or human beings - are part of the same universal oneness. If we heed the message, our lives, like the lives of the Real People, can be filled with this great sense of purpose.


"The story of a courageous woman who walked with the Aboriginals and learned the wonderful secrets and wisdom of an old, old tribe. Things we all need to learn in our modern society: to get back in touch with nature, to trust and have faith in our inner knowledge and guidance."       ~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

"A powerful message for all of us. I was hypnotised by the simple truths and spiritual lessons. Read it and tell everyone you know to do the same."        ~Wayne Dyer

"The first incarnation of this spellbinding account of an American doctor's experience on walkabout in Australia was a 'peaceful self-published work.' As such, it stirred up quite a bit of controversy and sold more than 370,000 copies. Very few of these ended up on library shelves, however, and HarperCollins is banking on an ongoing demand with a 250,000-copy first printing, a decision bolstered by a Literary Guild special release designation.

Does this quiet little book merit such faith and enthusiasm? Yes. Why? Because Morgan's spiritual journey is as compelling as any classical myth. Morgan has called her narrative a work of fiction to protect the identities of her Aboriginal guides, to conceal the locations of sacred places, and to let readers interpret her tale as they see fit. In fact, she wants us to be as open as she was when her adventure began.

Morgan believed she was being taken to an awards luncheon for her work with urban Aborigines when, sporting a fancy new suit, she climbed into a jeep and headed out of town, but hours later, she found herself at the edge of Australia's outback clad only in a thin shift, watching her possessions go up in flames. Her guides, telepathic and spiritually advanced descendants of a 50,000-year-old tradition, call themselves the 'real people' and refer to Westerners as 'mutants.'

Morgan's trek across the heart of Australia involved a series of increasingly revelatory and even miraculous occurrences. This demanding journey transformed Morgan's work as a healer into that of a messenger with a message many are eager to hear."     ~Booklist


"We had finished our meal for the day. The fire was a soft glow of embers, and occasional sparks rose into the surrounding limitless sky. Several of us sat in a circle around the flickering patterns. These people, like many Native American tribes, believe when you are sitting in a circle it is very important that you observe the other members of the group, most especially the person sitting directly opposite you. That person is a spirit reflection of yourself. The things you see in that individual that you admire are qualities within yourself that you wish to make more dominant. The actions, appearances, and behavior that you do not like are things about yourself that need working on.

You cannot recognize what you deem to be good or bad in others unless you yourself have the same strengths and weaknesses at some level of your being. Only the degree of self-discipline and self-expression differ. They believe the only way a person ever truly changes anything about himself is by his own decision, and that everyone has the ability to change anything he wants to about his personality. There is no limit to what you can release and what you can acquire. They also believe the only true influence you have on anyone else is by your own life, how you act, what you do. Believing this way makes the tribal members committed every day to being better persons."


Has the Australian government's treatment of the Aborigine community changed in any way since you wrote Mutant Message Down Under?

The Australian government reaction to my account of a group of Aboriginals living in the wild was quite remarkable. It immediately made these people, (if they truly existed) criminals. They were breaking many laws. In Australia all children must go to school or the parents are subject to criminal prosecution, all births must be reported, all deaths must be reported — if someone dies you can't just dispose of the body, you must complete census forms even if you can't read and write, you must have the minimum health vaccinations, you need permits in many areas to live off the land and hunt and eat what grows there. There are special reservations designated by law for various tribes to stay within and somehow these people either escaped or did not obey. Needless to say, if the book is sold as fiction then the government can save face and the people are temporarily safe.

Author Morgan, Marlo
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 208 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins 1995
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