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Palmistry and Physiognomy

Palmistry and Physiognomy

"Just as a pebble thrown into the water creates ripples, 
   so our thoughts create similar effects on our palms."  

~De Philsiognomia, Michael Scotts
Benham Book of Palmistry, The
Product no.: 1-56414-855-6
The book that for more than a century has been the standard reference for reading the hand, now in a completely reformatted edition.

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Complete Illustrated Guide to Palmistry, The (O)
Product no.: 1-86204-307-8
The human hand is a fascinating map of whorls, marks, stars, lines and patterns - all of which provide insight into our personalities and our subconscious drives and desires...

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Hands: A Complete Guide to Palmistry
Product no.: 0-914918-48-6
Enid Hoffman takes a step beyond palmistry and explains the significance of the entire hand in relation to personality and the whole body.

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Palmistry: How to Chart the Lines of Your Destiny
Product no.: 0-671-78501-X
Will I find love? Where do my talents lie? Are we compatible? How can I make more money? Will I have a long and healthy life?

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Practice of Classical Palmistry, The
Product no.: 0-87728-720-1
Madame LaRoux is a bona fide gypsy who has traveled the country and read thousands of palms.

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Practice of Palmistry, The
Product no.: 0-87877-019-4
The Practice of Palmistry has been called the best ever written on the fascinating subject of Chiromancy, or Palmistry.

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