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Miracle Child

Imagine the difference that might have been possible in your own life if only your parents had a better understanding of who you really were and what you could accomplish. Written specifically for parents, grandparents and guardians of either a boy or girl, this report reveals your child's particular strengths and gifts as well as pointing out areas where he or she needs special support and understanding—and that can make all the difference.


The new Miracle Child Report by New Zealand astrologer Marise Payne contains incisive interpretations of all 144 Sun/Moon combinations possible in any chart, updating Grant Lewi's seminal Heaven Knows What. As an added bonus, Payne delineates the combination of the Moon with the Ascendant. This combination of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant represents a new level of accurate synthesis, the highest that any astrology program has achieved to date.


Experience the joys of parenting with a little help! Whether you have a newborn or an adolescent, this fine report is the perfect tool for any parent looking to learn more about their child. The substantial Miracle Child Report, including the Sun/Moon combination, the Ascendent, Planets in Houses and Aspects interpretations, averages 50 pages.  

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