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Theory and Practice of the Mandala, The

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Thought-provoking study by leading authority examines theory and practice of the mandala, tells how it's used to express the infinite possibilities of the human subconscious.

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Individual chapters consider the doctrinal basis of the mandala, the mandala as a means of reintegration, the symbolism of the mandala and its various parts, the liturgy of the mandala, and the mandala in the human body.

The theories of the mandala took their origin in India and then penetrated into Tibet and these theories, expressed in symbols, allegories and connotations, have, as it were, the color of the spiritual world in which they were developed.

"As a whole, the spiritual background is the same: ...the yearning to find out a way from time to eternity, to help the primeval consciousness... to recover its integrity."

Author Tucci, Giuseppe
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 145 pp.
Publisher Dover Publications 2001
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