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Thinking and Destiny

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In Thinking and Destiny, something new, although older than time, is now made known to the world - about Consciousness.

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The information is largely about the makeup of the human, where man comes from, what becomes of him; it explains what thinking is; it tells how a thought is created, and how thoughts are exteriorized into acts, objects and events, and how they make his destiny. Destiny is thus shown to be self-determined by thinking; and the process of re-existence and the after-death states are told in detail.

A single reading of any one chapter of Thinking and Destiny brings rich rewards in new understanding of life`s puzzling mysteries. To read the entire book is to come nearer to knowledge of one`s destiny and how to shape it than is possible through study of anything previously written in the English language. Both the casually curious glancer at books and the most avid seeker for knowledge will be intrigued by the index, which lists more than 400 subjects in Thinking and Destiny, and by the fifteen chapter headings in the Table of Contents, which identify the 156 sections.

The Foreword contains the only pages in which Mr. Percival uses the first personal pronoun. Here he relates some of the amazing experiences through which he was able to grasp the knowledge he transmits, and to acquire the ability to do so.


"The special purpose of this book is: To tell the conscious selves in human bodies that we are inseparable doer parts of consciously immortal individual trinities, Triune Selves, who, within and beyond time, lived with our great thinker and knower parts in perfect sexless bodies in the Realm of Permanence; that we, the conscious selves now in human bodies, failed in a crucial test, and thereby exiled ourselves from that Realm of Permanence into this temporal man and woman world of birth and death and re-existence; that we have no memory of this because we put ourselves into a self-hypnotic sleep, to dream; that we will continue to dream through life, through death and back again to life; that we must continue to do this until we de-hypnotize, wake, ourselves out of the hypnosis into which we put ourselves; that, however long it takes, we must awake from our dream, become conscious of ourselves as ourselves in our bodies, and then regenerate and restore our bodies to everlasting life in our home - The Realm of Permanence from which we came - which permeates this world of ours, but is not seen by mortal eyes.

Then we will consciously take our places and continue our parts in the Eternal Order of Progression. The way to accomplish this is shown in chapters which follow."       ~Author's Foreword

In New York City Percival became interested in Theosophy and joined the Theosophical Society in 1892. That society split into factions after the death of William Q. Judge in 1896. Percival later organized the Theosophical Society Independent, which met to study the writings of Madame Blavatsky and Eastern "scriptures."

In 1893, and twice during the next fourteen years, Percival had the unique experience of being "conscious of Consciousness," a potent spiritual and noetic enlightenment. He stated, "Being conscious of Consciousness reveals the 'unknown' to the one who has been so conscious. Then it will be the duty of that one to make known what he can of being conscious of Consciousness." He stated that the value of that experience was that it enabled him to know about any subject by a mental process he called "real thinking."

Because these experiences revealed more than was contained in Theosophy, he wanted to write about them and share this knowledge with humanity.

Author Percival, Harold Waldin
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 1000 pp.
Publisher Taylor Publishing Company 1946
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