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Cosmobiology is the name given to an innovative astrological system developed by German astrologer
Reinhold Ebertin in the 1920s. Ebertin had been a student of Alfred Witte,
but rejected elements of his teacher's Uranian Astrology.

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Ancient Astrology
Product no.: 0-415-11029-7
Traces the history of astrology from its beginnings in Mesopotamia to the early Byzantine Empire, focusing on the Greco-Roman world.

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Applied Astrology
Product no.: 0-85243-073-6
Applied Astrology is a companion volume designed for the advanced student that pioneered the use of astroanalyses backed by case studies.

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Arabic Parts in Astrology, The
Product no.: 0-89281-250-8
This work sets forth for the intermediate student of astrology the ancient doctrine of Arabic parts. These are arithmetically derived points on the ecliptic which represent the synthesis of two or more causal factors acting in the irrational sphere.

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Astrologer's Guide, The (Anima Astrologiae)
Product no.: 0-948472-03-0
This book is the Astrologer's Guide, Anima Astrologiae, or a guide for astrologers, being the one hundred and forty-six consideration of the famous astrologer, Guido Bonatus, translated from the Latin.

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Astrological Healing
Product no.: 0-87728-711-2
Ebertin's last major work is indeed an exceptional documentation that combines the wisdom through the centuries as well as the extensive research material that can be utilized in the quest for helping to conquer illnesses in today's society.

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Astrological Roots: The Helenistic Legacy
Product no.: 978-1-902405-24-7
Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy is the first systematic presentation of Hellenistic astrology to the modern astrological world, and as such it uncovers rigorous techniques that have been lost to us for centuries.

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Astrology, Nutrition & Health
Product no.: 0-914918-08-7
Jansky, a professional astrologer trained in biochemistry, shows how a knowledge of astrology can help one understand the components of metabolism and health. Explains the fundamental techniques needed to carry on this branch of research.

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Astrology: 30 Years Research
Product no.: 0-86690-070-5
The one and only of its kind, this book is a compilation of 30 years of statistical research by the Church of Light. It factually illustrates the bases on which the prinicpal astrological tenets were developed through centuries of observation.

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Brady's Book of Fixed Stars
Product no.: 1-57863-105-X
This book is the result of research into the original methods and concepts applied to the astrological use of fixed stars.

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Product no.: 0-87542-094-X
Chiron is a peculiar planetoid that orbits the Sun between Saturn and Uranus. Its discovery in 1977 was concurrent with the explosion of divination, alternative healing techniques, and a new hope for a spiritual regeneration.

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