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Astrologer's Guide, The (Anima Astrologiae)

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This book is the Astrologer's Guide, Anima Astrologiae, or a guide for astrologers, being the one hundred and forty-six consideration of the famous astrologer, Guido Bonatus, translated from the Latin.

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Publisher's Synopsis

Also found within are the choicest aphorisms of the seven segments of Jerom Cardan of Milan, together with a glossary of astrological terms and a catalog of the principle fixed stars, their latitudes, longitudes. The Astrologer's Guide was edited and compiled in 1675 by noted astrologer William Lilly.

Translated from the Latin by Henry Coley, The Astrologer's Guide was first published in English in 1886. The information in this classic astrology book is as valuable as it was when compiled in 1675, and includes references to natal, predictive and horary astrology.


"Thou art here presented with two choice pieces of Art in our mother tongue; the first, the Considerations of Guido Bonatus, skilful in the theory of Astrology. Second, the choicest Aphorisms of Cardanus, a man famous to the learned world..."

Editor Lilly, William
Author Bonatus, Guido
Coauthor Cardan, Jerom
Book Type Hardcover
Page Count 104 pp.
Publisher Regulus Publishing Co. 1986
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Number: 14 Page 1 of 14