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AstroCartoGraphy Book of Maps, The (O)

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The late Jim Lewis' first book, which he co-wrote with Ariel Guttman, takes the maps of 136 citizens of the world and analyses why they became known in certain locations or why certain events in their lives were catalysed by locations they lived in or traveled to.

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Publisher's Synopsis

Based on the recognition that planets near the horoscope's angles dominate the chart, AstroCartoGraphy (A*C*G) maps reflect the locations around the world where specific planets would be angular. These locations appear as lines on the global map, and describe planetary influences according to the projected horoscope.

Jim Lewis first popularized AstroCartoGraphy with the notion that you can change your fortune by changing your location. Looking for love? Move to where a Venus line is angular. Want to become famous? Your Sun line shows where this becomes possible.


"For those who are not aware of it, Astro*Carto*Graphy is one of the most revolutionary developments in modern astrology. The horoscope is translated from a map of power points in time to a map of power points in space."    ~Robert Hand

"I believe that the late Jim Lewis is one of the most important and influential astrologers in all of western history."    ~Julian Lee

Author Lewis, Jim
Coauthor Guttman, Ariel
Book Type Oversized Paperback
Page Count 316 pp.
Publisher Llewellyn Publications 1989
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Number: 10 Page 1 of 10