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12th Planet, The

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The 12th Planet is the first book in Zecharia Sitchin's prophetic Earth Chronicles series.

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Over the years, startling evidence has been unearthed, challenging established notions of the origins of Earth and life on it, and suggesting the existence of a superior race of beings who once inhabited our world. Travelers from the stars, they arrived eons ago, and planted the genetic seed that would ultimately blossom into a remarkable species... called Man.

"Sitchin's claim to fame is announcing that he alone correctly reads ancient Sumerian clay tablets. All other scholars have misread these tablets which, according to Sitchin, reveal that gods from another planet (Niburu, which orbits our Sun every 3,600 years) arrived on Earth some 450,000 years ago and created humans by genetic engineering of female apes.

Sitchin stands alone, on nobody's shoulders, as a scholar nonpareil. He alone can look at a Sumerian tablet and see that it depicts a man being subjected to radiation. He alone knows how to correctly translate ancient terms allowing him to discover such things as that the ancients made rockets. But he didn't know that the seasons are due to the earth's tilt not to its distance from the sun.

Sitchin, like [Immanuel] Velikovsky, presents himself as erudite and scholarly. Both are very knowledgeable of ancient myths and both are nearly scientifically illiterate. Like [Erich] von Däniken and [Immanuel] Velikovsky, Sitchin weaves a compelling and entertaining story out of facts, misrepresentations, fictions, speculations, misquotes and mistranslations."      ~Robert Todd Carroll

Author Sitchin, Zecharia
Book Type Mass Market Paperback
Page Count 436 pp.
Publisher Avon Books 1978
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