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"Sexual assaults and violent rages...
Inside the dark world of Buddhist teacher Sogyal Rinpoche"

~The Telegraph, 21 September, 2017



"Shambhala leadership council resigns;
names investigator of sexual abuse allegations"

~Lion's Roar, July 6, 2018



"Buddhist teacher Lodro Rinzler accused of sexual misconduct"

~Lion's Roar, July 23, 2018



"Against the Stream Closes Doors as Investigation
Finds Misconduct by Founder Noah Levine"

~Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, August 27, 2018



"Behind That Letter Calling on Pope Francis to Resign"

~Time Magazine, August 28, 2018



"Pope Francis Defrocks Priest Fernando Karadima"

~NPR, September 28, 2018



"Francis refashions Council of Cardinals, removing Pell and Errázuriz"

~National Catholic Reporter, Dec 12, 2018



"Vatican Defrocks Former Cardinal McCarrick"

~NPR, February 16, 2019


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