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"I believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, Infinite and Absolute, a Force which rules the world and the universe,
an invisible Spiritual Power in front of which all the other powers wither in their insignificance. This power is
incomprehensible to man, unimaginable, not measurable, it is the Universal Force of Life from which
every single being receives continuous blessings. I will call this energy Reiki..."   ~Hawayo Takata

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Ageless Body, Timeless Mind
Product no.: 0-517-88212-4
There is nothing inevitable about aging - that is the inspiring message from Dr. Deepak Chopra.

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Alcoholics Anonymous
Product no.: 0-916856-18-6
It's more than a book. It's a way of life. Alcoholics Anonymous (the Big Book) has served as a lifeline to millions worldwide.

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Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide
Product no.: 0-9636334-3-0
The Definitive Guide is known as the Bible of alternative medicine.

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American Indian Healing Arts
Product no.: 0-553-37881-3
A magical blend of plant lore, history, and living tradition that draws on a lifetime of study with native healers by herbalist and ethnobotanist E. Barrie Kavasch.

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American Indian Medicine
Product no.: 0-8061-2293-5
Considered the “classic” work of Native American history that specifically deals with indigenous medical knowledge and its relation to European American health practices.

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American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing
Product no.: 0-572-02263-8
The teachings of the Apache and Cherokee tribes in particular have come down through the generations by word of mouth.

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Anatomy Coloring Book, The (3rd Edition) (O)
Product no.: 0-8053-5086-1
An immense success since its publication in 1977, ACB has facilitated instant recall in students at colleges, graduate and professional schools throughout the world.

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Anatomy of the Spirit
Product no.: 0-609-80014-0
The boldest presentation to date of energy medicine by one of its premier practitioners, internationally acclaimed medical intuitive Caroline Myss.

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Aromatherapy Handbook, The
Product no.: 0-85207-215-5
The healing power of essential oils.

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Aromatherapy Workbook
Product no.: 0-89281-346-6
This practical guide to the use of essential oils covers the history, folklore, science and art of aromatherapy, providing the most comprehensive treatment of the subject available today.

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