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"The eight rungs, limbs, or steps of Yoga are the codes of self-regulation or restraint (yamas), 
 observances or practices of self-training (niyamas), postures (asana), expansion of breath
 and prana (pranayama), withdrawal of the senses (pratyahara), concentration (dharana),
meditation (dhyana), and perfected concentration (samadhi)."

~Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 2.29

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Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth
Product no.: 0-385-49162-X
Originally written in the 1930s, Kelder's simple yet effective series of exercises, handed down from generations of Tibetan monks, was revived in 1985.

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Ashtanga Yoga Primer
Product no.: 0-918100-04-6

Also known as Raja Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga is the scientific method of enlightenment propounded by the ancient sage Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras.

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Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual
Product no.: 1-891252-08-9
Designed as a streamlined tool to give practical guidelines for developing a personal practice. It begins with a basic exploration of the foundations inherent within the system.

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Chakras: Roots of Power
Product no.: 0-87728-715-5
Bohm teaches the theories necessary to understand the eightfold path of yoga, practical postures to use for meditation and how to master the senses so we can be in control of our lives.

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Do Your Om Thing
Product no.: 978-0062273383
Sometimes an hour-long yoga class is the only chance we get to connect meaningfully with our bodies and our minds during an otherwise hectic week.

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Encyclopedic Dictionary of Yoga
Product no.: 1-55778-245-8
This is a valuable reference work for both experienced yoga students and curious lay readers.

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Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration and Meditation, The
Product no.: 0-86171-040-1
A practical, stimulating, and easy-to-use mental fitness manual.

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Five Tibetans, The
Product no.: 0-89281-450-0
Kilham builds upon Kelder's Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth exercises, bringing twenty years of experience to the process.

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Future of the Body, The
Product no.: 0-87477-730-5
The author of Golf in the Kingdom writes a magnus opus that Darwin would have written if he had looked to the future instead of the past.

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Guided Meditations, Explorations and Healings
Product no.: 0-385-41737-3
Ondrea and I collected into one volume the most widely used guided meditations and techniques for developing a healing awareness, spread over the past twenty years through numerous articles and several books.

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