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"Richer is one hour of repentance and good works in this world than all of life in the world to come;
          and richer is one hour's calm of spirit in the world to come than all of life in this world."            


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Abraham Issac Kook: The Lights of Penitence, Lights of Holiness, The Moral Principles, Essays, Letters and Poems
Product no.: 0-8091-2159-X
A spiritual master of our times, Kook (1865-1935) was the Chief Rabbi of Palestine prior to the establishment of the State of Israel.

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Apocalypse of Baruch and The Assumption of Moses
Product no.: 1-57863-363-X
Writing at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, Baruch converses directly with God in a series of visions.

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Bible Code, The
Product no.: 0-684-84973-9
Not since the 1947 Dead Sea Scroll discovery has humanity been graced with such a revelation; yet so shocking and unbelievable, society has dismissed it as a hoax.

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Biblia Cabalistica (O)
Product no.: 1-56459-017-8
A large portion of this book is in Latin. Extremely scarce, only fifty copies were purported to have been published.

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Book of Enoch or 1 Enoch, The
Product no.: 1-58509-080-8
Facsimile of the landmark 1912 edition by R.H. Charles, the most controversial apocalyptic scripture ever circulated, banned by both Jewish and Christian religions.

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Book of J, The
Product no.: 0-679-73624-7
Bloom has "proven" that contrary to what Hebrews have believed to be the literal word of God for over three thousand years is in reality a sophisticated mythology written by a woman (J).

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Book of Jasher, The
Product no.: 0-934666-25-3
This work is recommended reading by Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18. It contains about three times as much information as Genesis, covering the same time period.

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Book of Jubilees, The
Product no.: 1-58509-238-X
The Book of Jubilees, or, as it is sometimes called, "the Little Genesis", purports to be a revelation given by God to Moses through the medium of the Angel of the Presence.

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Book of Legends, The (O)
Product no.: 0-8052-4113-2
The first complete English translation of the Hebrew classic Sefer Ha-Aggadah brings to the Gentile world the greatest and best-loved anthology of classical Rabbinic literature ever compiled.

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Cipher of Genesis, The
Product no.: 0-87728-740-6
The Cipher of Genesis unlocks the key to the lost traditions of the Book of Genesis, offering profound implications for faiths rooted in the Hebrew Testament - Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

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