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Alchemy and Theurgy

"Suffer not yourselves to he carried with the great stream, but stem the tide,
you that can lay hold of the Haven of Safety, and make your full course towards it.
Seek one that may lead you by the hand, and conduct you to the door of Truth and Knowledge,
where the clear Light is that is pure from Darkness, where there is not one drunken,
  but all are sober and in their heart look up to him, whose pleasure it is to be seen."

~The Divine Pymander 

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Agrippa's Occult Philosophy: Natural Magic
Product no.: 0-486-44717-0
Written by a legendary scholar of Renaissance esoterica, this is the single most important text in the history of Western occultism.

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Alchemical Mandala, The
Product no.: 0-933999-80-1
A survey of the Mandala in the Western Esoteric Traditions.

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Alchemical Tradition in the Late Twentieth Century, The
Product no.: 1-55643-113-3

In The Alchemical Tradition in the Late Twentieth Century, Richard Grossinger summarizes the basic components of the different alchemies, which he dubs "planet science."

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Alchemist's Handbook, The
Product no.: 0-87728-655-8
What was formerly handed down under oath of secrecy is presented here in a clear, concise, practical working manual for the sincere aspirant.

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Alchemy Unveiled
Product no.: 0-9693820-4-9
Alchemy Unveiled will lead the reader on a journey of a complete purification of the body, soul and spirit.

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Art and Symbols of the Occult (O)
Product no.: 0-89281-415-2
The exquisite illustrations are accompanied by a lively and thought-provoking text on the various aspects of the Wisdom teachings from which they derive.

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Atalanta Fugiens
Product no.: 0-933999-82-8
Michael Maier's alchemical emblem book Atalanta fugiens was first published in Latin in 1617.

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Book of Divine Magic, The
Product no.: 2-85566-442-X
True magic, divine magic, consists in putting all one's powers, all one's knowledge, at the service of the Kingdom of God on earth.

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Chaldaean Oracles, The
Product no.: 0-935214-11-9
These Oracles are considered to embody many of the principal features of Chaldaean philosophy.

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Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, The
Product no.: 0-933999-35-6
An excellent new translation by Joscelyn Godwin from the original German text with an extensive commentary.

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Number: 60 Page 1 of 6