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13 Original Clan Mothers, The

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The 13 Original Clan Mothers shares the stories, totems, and talents which come with each cycle of the moon.

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In Native American tradition, a woman comes into her full spiritual powers around the age of 52. Those who want to bring to life the Looks Far Woman, the Walks Tall Woman, the Setting Sun Woman, and other interior aspects will be enlightened and emboldened by this extraordinary book.

"Each clan mother represents a lesson in the development of feminine wisdom. Symbolic stories demonstrate the path to self-knowledge taken by each clan mother. Sams's book can serve as a useful guide for those interested in pursuing self-transformation."       ~Library Journal

"The Twelve Cycles of Truth in our Seneca Teachings have been assigned to months. I have added a thirteenth Cycle of Truth - Be the Truth - in order to complete the Medicine Wheel of my two Kiowa Grandmother teachers."

Author Sams, Jamie
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 316 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins 1994
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Number: 134 Page 1 of 134