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Gods, Goddesses and Archetypes

Gods, Goddesses and Archetypes

"Archetypes are, by definition, factors and motifs that arrange the psychic elements
into certain images, characterized as archetypal, but in such a way that they
can be recognized only from the effects they produce."      ~C.G. Jung

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Bodhisattva of Compassion
Product no.: 0-87773-126-8
John Blofeld evokes the charming presence of Kuan Yin through colorful anecdotes, personal experiences, and descriptions of Buddhist rituals and legends.

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Book of Buddhas, The
Product no.: 90-74597-02-5
The first authoritative study to give an elementary introduction to Tibetan iconography.

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Bulfinch's Mythology (Complete and Unabridged)
Product no.: 0-375-75147-5
Almost 150 years ago, a Boston banker collected the great tales of the gods and goddesses of greek, roman, scandinavian, celtic and oriental mythology, along with the age of chivalry.

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Celestial Gallery (16"w x 24"h)
Product no.: 1-932771-21-2
A two-foot-tall collection of Tibetan mandala scroll paintings reproduced from works found in museums, galleries, and private collections worldwide.

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Chalice and the Blade, The
Product no.: 0-06-250289-1
Some books are like revelations, they open the spirit to unimaginable possibilities.

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Chaos, Gaia, Eros
Product no.: 0-06-250013-9
In this eclectic and interdisciplinary work, chaos pioneer Ralph Abraham traces the history of consciousness through a rediscovery of the three forces that drive it: chaos, gaia, and eros.

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Constant Companion, The
Product no.: 0-915132-60-5
Inspired by the thousand poetic names ascribed to Vishnu, Eknath Easwaran interweaves Hindu mythologies with practical insights to instruct, inspire and delight readers.

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Cosmos and Psyche
Product no.: 978-0452288591
Richard Tarnas's The Passion of the Western Mind—acclaimed by leading voices in philosophy, religion, psychology, and history—sets the stage for this major work, thirty years in the making.

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Dancing the Dream
Product no.: 0-06-251514-4
The result of nearly twenty-five years of intensive study with two Native American dreaming societies.

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Ego and Archetype
Product no.: 0-87773-576-X
This book is about the individual's journey to psychological wholeness, known in analytical psychology as the process of individuation.

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Number: 134 Page 2 of 14