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Sir Mick Jagger

Monday, July 26, 1943   2:30:00 AM
Dartford, England
Time Zone:  -2:00 (BDST)
Longitude:  000º E 14'
Latitude:   51º N 27'


On 12 December 2003, Jagger was knighted for Services to Music, as Sir Michael Jagger by The Prince of Wales. Charlie Watts said, "Anybody else would be lynched: 18 wives and 20 children and he's knighted, fantastic!" Bandmate Keith Richards was irritated when Jagger accepted the "fucking paltry honour." As United Press International noted, the honour is odd, for unlike other knighted rock musicians, he has no "known record of charitable work or public services."



Planets in Signs and Houses




Gemini Ascendant 

You are constantly on the move and love it that way.  Since you are mentally and physically active, you are happiest when you are engaged in many projects at once.  Your curiosity is insatiable, and you are always seeking out new bits of information.  At times others may resent your curiosity and feel that you are prying into their lives.  But usually (if they know you) they realize that your intentions are good. 

Communication is your strongest talent, and you are a remarkable storyteller, using animated gestures and drama to get your point across.  You could succeed in any career requiring intellectual agility--such as science (even as an inventor), teaching, public speaking, writing, etc.  Just be sure that you do not choose an occupation which will become routine or redundant.  You could not endure such a position for very long.

In addition to having a smoothly operating mind, you are also physically coordinated and highly dexterous.  Since your mind is so quick, you are subject to boredom and restlessness -- unless this is balanced out by an overabundance of earth in your chart.  You are a highly flexible individual and are able to react quickly when necessary.

Physically, persons with Gemini rising are tall and slender and have longer than average arms and legs.  You don't put on weight easily (unless this tendency is indicated elsewhere in your chart), although your widest point is probably your hips.  Your chin is often pointed, and your eyes are wide-set and alert.

Because of your natural tendency toward busy mental activity, you may suffer from occasional insomnia--your mind doesn't necessarily stop working when your body does.  Be sure that you do get enough sleep.  Otherwise, you may suffer from accidents--especially to the shoulders, arms, hands or fingers.  This is usually a result of moving too fast (or trying to do too much at once).

The lungs and intestines are also problem areas for you--no matter what, you should not smoke.  Since your mental state very much affects your health, be sure to get the rest you need.  You have to stand still sometime, whether you want to or not.




Sun in Leo

The catch word for Leo is "ego."  This sign is well known for its self-confidence, pride, creativity and ability to lead.  Just be careful that this combination does not add up to a domineering personality.  Remember that others also need a chance to shine.  Share the center of the stage with others and it will be much more enjoyable for you as well. 

Leo can be a warm, loving and charming kitten but can turn into a ferocious lion when threatened, angered or hurt.  They are extremely loyal and generous with their friends and love partners and can be very affectionate.  This can be considered good or bad, depending on the partner.  Sometimes Leo needs to remember that they can give out too much love and affection.  Some people are not prepared to receive love as freely as Leo.  Allow your friends and lovers to express their love for you in their own way, even if it is not so lavish as you would like it to be. 

Leos carry themselves with dignity and convey an air of regality.  They don't like to have their ability or authority questioned.  As a matter of fact, the best way to tame the lion is to flatter him or her.  Vanity is Leo's one weak spot, and the lion can become downright arrogant.  Physically, Leos are prone to sudden accidents, high fevers and chronic diseases.  Particular areas of weakness are: the heart, back, shoulders, legs, ankles, throat and reproductive organs.

In relationships, you need to be given freedom to be who you are.  Anyone who cannot understand this about you will most likely lose you as a friend or love partner.  Just remember, you must also grant the same freedom to others.


Sun in the Third House

This house placement of the Sun indicates that you have qualities normally associated with the sign Gemini.  You have a very quick mind, an active curiosity, and a tendency to become bored unless you are constantly stimulated by new information.  You love to talk and enjoy a good debate with a worthy opponent.  Travel is a very mind-expanding experience for you, and you will benefit greatly from visiting or living in foreign lands.

Communication is very important to you, and you may find that your chosen occupation will include writing, public speaking or other forms of communication.  You have a strong appreciation for education and seek to develop your intellectual abilities to their fullest.  You enjoy picking up new information through reading or through your daily interactions with others.  Your relationship with your siblings and childhood friends will play an important role in your life.

In your love life, you seek a partner who can provide the excitement and constant change you need in order to feel alive.  You would not be happy with a mate who wants to settle into a familiar rut and stay there.  You do not need to be in the constant company of your loved ones and are able to carry on long-distance relationships by phone or mail.  You do not have to be with a person to communicate your love.




Moon in Taurus

With Moon in Taurus you will be somewhat stable emotionally, and you usually will not fall apart in times of emergency.  You have a highly developed common sense and exercise good judgment in most situations.  You have good control of your material resources, understanding the need to prepare for the inevitable rainy day. 

You are strongly romantic and probably enjoy candlelight dinners with soft music.  Your lover will also be a close companion, and you will be a dependable mate--just be careful not to be too possessive.  You will always offer a sympathetic shoulder for a loved one to lean on.  Sometimes people with Moon in Taurus marry for social or financial status.  They appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy indulging in them.

Your family life is of utmost importance to you, and you will raise your children with traditional values.  Once you have given your word on a commitment, it can be taken to the bank.  Your family and friends are often a source of support to you, and you have a talent for negotiating successful contracts in business dealings.  If you do succeed, you will probably be generous with donations to community projects or other worthy causes.

You do not rush into love affairs, but rather let your head rule your heart.  Usually, you are able to retain good friendships with ex-lovers.  Lovers must relate to you truthfully, and you prefer the direct approach to conflict.  You do not anger easily, but once you do you are like the legendary bull before a red flag.  Once you have blown off steam, you return to your calm, collected self.


Moon in the Twelfth House 

It is not easy for you to reveal your feelings to others, because you are afraid they either will not understand or will disapprove.  This refusal to share your inner self with others probably caused problems for you as a child, but as you grow and mature you learn to accept yourself more as you are, and this allows you to be yourself.

You constantly pursue emotional security while at the same time believing that you will never achieve it.  You are always afraid that others will disappoint you and abandon you in your hour of need, but this is not necessarily true.  Even though you may not trust people easily, you do enjoy helping others.  You may not see yourself as a generous, compassionate person, but you are.

You have a natural talent for seeing a situation through another's eyes and can therefore understand their feelings more easily.  You go out of your way to avoid emotional stress, and you would never intentionally hurt another.  You are really a very kind and loving person, whether you know it or not.

It is likely that you daydream a lot and escape to a fantasy world when real life gets too ugly or difficult for you.  You are very truthful in your relationships, and as a matter of fact may be too truthful at times when it might be better to spare your lover's feelings by being too blunt.  You would never do this intentionally; you are just telling the truth.  Casual affairs are of no interest to you; you require more depth.


Mercury in Leo 

You are very self-confident about your mental abilities, and you are an articulate and convincing speaker.  You are highly creative and have your own distinctive style of expression.  Since not everyone is as talented or confident as you are, you need to allow them to express themselves in their own way.  One challenge of Mercury in Leo is to develop patience with others who seem slow or uncreative.

Although you are happiest when others are admiring and praising you, at times it is best to learn a little humility.  Otherwise, you will encounter disturbing surprises in your interactions with others which will "shock" you and force your attention away from yourself.  With Mercury in Leo there is a tendency to be arrogant and demanding.  Remember that you are not the only player on the stage of life, and every role is as important as your own because without any one of them the play is incomplete.

Since you are often overly absorbed in yourself and your own view of life, it is difficult to get your attention long enough to make an impression on you.  You take in only the information you feel will be useful to you and reject the rest.  For this reason you are not very observant and need to develop a greater attention span and eye for detail.  Your reactions are usually slow, not because you are stupid, but because of your lack of interest in things which are not about you.

With your strong sense of self-confidence, you are a natural public speaker or writer and can present your ideas clearly.  In discussions with others you will attack any statements that seem irrational or contradictory.  You love to travel and are enthusiastic about life.  With your ability to inspire children, you could be a great teacher.


Mercury in the Fourth House

You enjoy reading as well as writing, and you see the communication of ideas as an excellent way to expand your mind.  Your home is a focus of attention in your life, and you probably have a difficult time getting settled, moving frequently from one residence to another.  Young people will have a great influence on your life.  You collect items for sentimental reasons and can become a "pack rat."


Venus in Virgo 

This is a rather difficult placement for Venus, since it indicates that you have some karmic lessons to learn around giving unconditional love and accepting loved ones as they are.  The tendency with this placement is to become overly critical and to nit-pick at minor details.  The more you learn to serve others selflessly, the quicker you will overcome this tendency.

Because you are so fastidious and pay close attention to detail, you would do well in a career which calls for thoroughness and organization.  Your home is likely to be quite orderly, and you will expect others to respect your preference in this regard.  You like to dress neatly and strive to make a good impression on those you meet.

You are a very careful and meticulous lover and need surroundings and atmosphere in love and sex that are comfortable.  Although you are somewhat slow to arouse sexually, you go out of your way to please your lover.  In your lover you appreciate superior technique, sensitivity and attention to detail.

Personal cleanliness is important to you, and you probably enjoy taking showers with your lover.  You can be somewhat picky and critical of your partner, although it is sincerely done with the intention of helping them.  Sexual tools can be fun for you if you will allow yourself to be so bold and spontaneous.


Venus in the Fourth House

Your home and family are very important to you, and your home will be as beautiful and comfortable as possible.  As a parent, you provide a loving environment for your children.  You enjoy entertaining at home, and you make your guests feel quite welcome.  Although you're not a neat fanatic, you can't tolerate clutter and dirt for long.  You will achieve your greatest pleasure and comfort later in life.


Mars in Taurus

You are very persistent and patient when striving toward your goals.  This is largely because you are too stubborn to give up.  You also have powerful creative abilities and perhaps have developed a craft.

Money and other material possessions are important to you, and you prefer to surround yourself with the best quality you can find.  One of the lessons of this placement is to realize that intangible things also have great value.  Another lesson is to learn to share the great bounty that you acquire for yourself.

You enjoy a great deal of sensual contact with your partner and need someone who is likewise predisposed to being "touchy- feely."  You need secure and stable relationships but need to avoid getting stuck in a rut.  At times you can be very stubborn and even may become jealous and possessive.  You show your love through affection and by lavishing your partner with gifts, especially those you make with your own hands.

In sexual encounters you are slow to become aroused but then can exercise a great deal of endurance in lovemaking.  You seek a long-term relationship which will provide you with a constant source of love and sexual stimulation.  Ups and downs in relationships can be upsetting to you.


Mars in the Twelfth House

You tend to put the needs of others before your own, and if you are not careful, people will take advantage of your good nature.  It is difficult for you to take an action which could in any way harm others, and for this reason you often find yourself immobilized and unable to act at all.  Remember that you certainly cannot please everyone all the time, so you may as well try to please yourself.


Jupiter in Leo

You are generous and compassionate, and you are generally happy and optimistic about life.  With your talent for organization, you would make a capable leader or executive.  With your flair for drama, you are a natural actor, whether on stage or in real life.  You seek admiration and respect from others, and if Jupiter is afflicted you may have a tendency to become egotistical.  Traditionally, this placement of Jupiter indicates that you will have at least one successful child with whom you are very close.


Jupiter in the Third House

You have a sharp, restless mind and an intense curiosity about life.  Because you easily comprehend the information you absorb, you would be an excellent teacher, writer or public speaker.  You enjoy travel and would be happy in an occupation which keeps you moving.  If you cannot travel to foreign lands, you will enjoy reading about them.  You will receive support from your siblings and peers.


Saturn in Gemini

Your mind is very versatile, and you absorb information like a sponge.  Since you have an intense curiosity, you enjoy learning and would make an excellent teacher or writer.  Avoid a tendency to become worried and depressed over pessimistic thoughts.  Learn to take multiple deep breaths as a way to relax under stress.  You're a good person to have around in an emergency, since you are good at thinking on your feet.


Saturn in the First House 

You are reserved and serious, and even as a child you seemed older than others your age.  It is possible that you were forced to take on adult responsibilities as a child and did not have much time to play with other children.  You will encounter much hardship in life, and through this adversity you will discover your own self-worth.  Avoid a tendency to become pessimistic and depressed in difficult times.


Uranus in Gemini


You have a highly active mind and are an innovative thinker.  With your talent for grasping the most abstract concepts, you learn new ideas quickly and easily and would be a good writer.  Since your mental energies can become scattered, you will be most productive if you can focus on one project at a time.  Make time to relax and sooth your nervous disposition to avoid physical illness.


Uranus in the Twelfth House

You are highly intuitive and deeply interested in metaphysical matters.  With your extreme sensitivity, you may have psychic experiences which you will keep secret for fear of ridicule.  You are an eternal idealist and are constantly seeking the meaning of life and your role in the Universe.  Avoid a tendency to escape to your private fantasy world rather than dealing with the harsh realities of life.


Neptune in Virgo


You absorb new information like a sponge and can apply it practically.  You are scientifically oriented and may be skeptical of metaphysical or psychic matters.  Your greatest satisfaction will come from serving those in need.  Avoid a tendency to be critical of others.


Neptune in the Fifth House

You have an active imagination and are highly creative.  With your flair for drama, you could be an entertainer.  At the very least, you enjoy being involved in the entertainment industry.  If you have any children, they will be unusual and may even require special care.  Avoid a tendency to overidealize your lovers, for this can lead to disappointment and frustration.


Pluto in Leo


Your generation saw the birth of greater autonomy and self-rule among the world's nations, as well as the hippy movement.  New labor-saving devices created more leisure time.  Television entered our lives, and the entertainment industry mushroomed.  You have a strong desire to creatively solve the world's problems.


Pluto in the Third House 

You have a versatile and curious mind, and you would be an excellent writer, teacher or counselor.  With your keen powers of concentration, you have the ability to get to the bottom of any situation.  You search for a deeper meaning behind every occurrence in life and form opinions only after extensive research and profound thought.  Avoid negative thinking, which can lead to depression.


Aquarius Midheaven

You will flourish best in a career that takes advantage of your inventiveness and originality.  You have a need to be unconventional and different.  You see your career field from a refreshingly independent perspective and make original contributions.  You don't like working in a highly structured environment, so you often work as an independent free-lancer.  Driven to follow your inner light, others can consider your interests eccentric; you may treat them rudely.  But at your healthiest, you are also a humanitarian who contributes to civic causes and whose many career contacts make you an effective networker.

Your career can be based on ideas or on service to society.  To achieve your greatest success, you must dare to be your true, unique self.  More than others, you understand Joseph Campbell's advice, "follow your bliss."  Working out your ideas on your own, you can produce results that will benefit humanity.  Pitfalls to be overcome include selfishness, pride, and the desire for power.  You may originate numerous ideas, but forget them soon after conception.  Scientific objectivity carried to the extreme could make you cold, impersonal, or arrogant.  Do not allow yourself to become isolated, but stay in touch with those on whose behalf you are laboring.

Occupations consistent with your unusual, independent style of work include entertainer, literary personality, athlete, educator, inventor, occultist, astrologer, social worker, social scientist, vocational counselor, personnel specialist, benevolent or fraternal society administrator, conference organizer, or strategist.  For the most personal career guide, also consider the nature of any planets which fall in the 10th house or conjoin the Midheaven, the sign and house placements of Uranus, ruler of the Midheaven, and any aspects which other planets make to the Midheaven.


North Node in Leo 

You have many friends from all walks of life, but few close ones.  During many lifetimes you have worked with groups toward positive change, and now you feel most effective as a member of a larger team.  Your challenge is to develop your own individual will and strength without relying on your friends for help.  For greatest satisfaction, find ways to satisfy your own ego and still serve the needs of humanity.  Dare to risk your freedom by becoming emotionally involved; relate straight from your heart rather than intellectually.


North Node in the Fourth House

In past lives you had much power and prestige; in this lifetime your challenge is to become more domestic and nurturing; you may be forced to choose between your career and your family.  You may have had one domineering parent who convinced you that you were destined for greatness.  Unfortunately, this leaves you feeling disappointed when reality falls short of your expectations.


Chiron in Leo

You are highly creative, although you're probably shy about sharing your talent with others.  Perhaps as a child your creations were criticized or ridiculed, and as a result you are overly sensitive.  If you have the desire to express yourself creatively, do so in ways that please you, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

If you are a parent, you will encourage your children's spontaneity and self-expression.  You will learn a great deal from your children, although sometimes through hardship or adversity.  Some people with Chiron in Leo either cannot have children or choose not to have any, because they feel they wouldn't do the best job.


Chiron in the Fourth House

You are very concerned about security in your life, and you are extremely protective of your home and family.  Since, to some extent, you consider all of humanity to be your family, you get a great deal of satisfaction from working with groups designed to help disadvantaged families become more independent.

Nurturing was an issue in your early life: either you had too little or too much of it.  As a parent, you'll tend to either follow your mother's example, or go to the opposite extreme.  In reality, it's best if you can find some middle ground.


Planets in Aspect


A "Strength" number precedes each aspect description; this number takes into account how exact the aspect is, whether the aspect is a major or minor one, and whether an aspecting planet is close to one of the four chart angles. The higher the Strength, the more you are likely to feel the aspect and to act it out in your life.


Jupiter conjunct Pluto  (Strength:  8.16)

You literally want to get all the gusto out of life that you possibly can.  Your tremendous drive and ambition make it impossible for you to be satisfied with less than what you want in life.  As a matter of fact, you can grow very impatient with delays in obtaining your goals.  You do not accept the possibility of defeat, and have an unwavering determination to be all that you can possibly be.  You ask things of yourself that no one else would dream possible, and you inspire envy in those around you who are less motivated.

You could excel in many fields, including: law, politics, religion, medicine or psychology.  Whatever occupation you choose, you will grow tired of it as soon as its growth potential is depleted.  You enjoy working closely with others.  The other possible expression of this aspect is that you can become preoccupied with yourself and seek recognition through sports, gambling, exploration, or any other "risky" job.  You don't play for small stakes, and if you are careful this can be expressed in the form of successful financial enterprises.

Power is a great aphrodisiac, and you will attract others to you with your success.  You will look for a mate who is as ambitious and successful as you are.  You would not be happy with a "wimp" because you could not respect their lack of inner strength.  The relationship should be one of mutual admiration, with each partner encouraging the other to achieve their goals.  Just be careful that this doesn't turn to "nagging" should your partner fall short of your expectations.  Remember, there's more involved in a love relationship than the material benefits it can offer.


Venus square Ascendant  (Strength:  6.53) 

Relating to others is easy and fun for you, and those around you will find you quite charming.  One possible drawback of this aspect is that you will become dependent on your social charm to get you by in life rather than developing your natural talents and skills.  You want to succeed and even have some incredible ideas and practical goals in mind, but you lack the motivation to follow through.  Making firm plans locks you into a commitment, and you do not want that responsibility.  In this way you can get a reputation for being shallow and insincere, and at times you can be.

You can become too attached to past memories which can consume your energy and interfere with your achieving the success you desire.  You would do best in a career which would allow you to earn most of your money without working, such as through royalties, rental income, etc.  This way you can support yourself in the style to which you want to become accustomed without having to work 9 to 5.  Be careful not to make generous offers to people that you cannot deliver.  Sometimes it's better to promise nothing.

Your reputation is important to you, and you care a great deal what others think of you.  You will attempt to beautify your home in order to impress others and want people to see your home life as happy and fulfilling, even if it isn't.  Speak up and let your partner know what your needs are, and listen when your partner communicates his or her needs to you.  Be generous and kind to friends in need, even if there's nothing in it for you.  That type of generosity has a way of being returned when you most need it.


Pluto opposite Midheaven  (Strength:  6.36) 

How this aspect manifests in your personality depends in large part on your early childhood upbringing.  You formed an especially strong bond with one or both of your parents, and they greatly influenced the way you view and respond to the world.

If your childhood experiences were positive overall, then you had a chance to develop a sense of security and confidence in your ability to accomplish anything you set out to do.  If your parents were supportive and encouraging, this helped to reinforce your belief in yourself and your ability to succeed.

Negative experiences in your childhood (or controlling and manipulative parents) could have left you with subconscious fears of failure and/or rejection that can cause severe difficulties in your adult relationships.  You could become overly jealous or possessive, and you may be afraid to trust others. Be careful not to be too suspicious or to judge others too harshly.  That's not the best way to win friends.


Uranus trine Midheaven  (Strength:  6.32)

You have a very sharp and innovative mind, and your ideas and beliefs are very different from the norm.  You are proud of this difference, and you prefer to accent it rather than hide it (especially in your profession).  You may create an unconventional job for yourself in a conventional career, such as computers, science and technology, or engineering.  Or you may be drawn to a career in a metaphysical science, such as astrology.

It may seem that you get more accomplished when you work alone, and for this reason you may choose to be self-employed.  Although your ideas may be a little on the revolutionary side, you usually have good relationships with authority figures and others in positions of power.  They may think you're a weirdo, but they respect you enough to know you only mean well.

No matter how successful you may become in a material sense, you will resist becoming attached to and accumulating a great deal of possessions.  You value your freedom of movement very highly, and all that extra stuff just seems to tie you down.


Mercury square Mars  (Strength:  6.16)

This aspect indicates that your mental energy is highly developed and that you can apply it to accomplishing even the most difficult tasks.  You are also prone to bursts of anger when others question the validity of your opinions-- which you do not hesitate to state in the strongest possible manner.  In fact, you may have a reputation for being argumentative, and this may alienate others.

It is easy for you to find fault with everyone and everything, and at times you can be rude, abusive and totally tactless.  You are not a good listener--especially if others' opinions do not agree with your own.  Learn to be quiet when you are not sure of your information; otherwise you will be embarrassed by those who have their facts straight.

You have a very active imagination, which you should use to your best advantage.  In any career you choose it will be necessary for you to learn to compromise before you can succeed.  Learn to recognize and allow for the needs of others; otherwise you will encounter constant obstacles.  You must learn to admit it when you are wrong and to be graceful about it when you prove someone else to be wrong.  Others will admire you much more for this.

Once you have learned the above lessons, you can succeed in law, teaching, writing, management, public relations, sports, acting or any career involving communication.  Just remember to accept your victories in life as gracefully as your defeats.

The same goes for your love life--avoid being bitter or vindictive when your advances are rejected.  You may feel that you need a submissive partner, but in truth you would lose respect for anyone who would be so easily conquered.  Although it may be difficult for you at first, you need a partner who is not afraid to challenge you to grow up and improve your character.


Uranus sextile Pluto  (Strength:  5.18)

This is a "generational" aspect, affecting most people born in the early to mid-1940s (during World War II) and also those born in the early to mid-1990s.  Having been born during a time of international strife, these people are sensitive to any threats to their personal freedom by corrupt public officials.  This aspect has been blamed for spawning a generation of demonstrators, protesters and others who speak out against perceived wrongs and social injustice.

You are genuinely shocked at injustice and do not hesitate to let your feelings be known.  You resent abuses of power by governments and "special interest groups" who hold their power over others' heads like a sword.  You are also angered by political corruption, waste of public funds and mismanagement.

You have an inborn ability to detect lying or deceit in others.  And you also have the courage to take steps to do something about it and even to lead others in a fight against injustice.

You also have a talent for self-discovery and examination; you are able to dig deep within the inner recesses of your own subconscious with relative ease.  Because of this deeper understanding of your own motivations, you can overcome the many social and sexual taboos of your early conditioning.  You may even delight in breaking as many taboos as possible, to confront the primitive drives behind them.


Sun conjunct Jupiter  (Strength:  4.89)

You have an optimistic outlook on life and never expect to fail at what you undertake.  Because of your limitless enthusiasm, you almost never act in moderation.  This can set you up for disappointment if you take on more than you can possibly accomplish.  Even so, you have an uncanny ability to pick up the pieces and move on to the next goal.  Although you are high on energy and enthusiasm, you are not so strong on planning and expect everything to come together for you as if through magic.  Although you may be somewhat lucky at times, don't rely on it to always be with you.

Although you are not particularly ambitious, you like to be recognized for the work you perform.  You want to live a full and rich life and explore all your potentials.  You always have a sympathetic ear for a sad story and are very generous to those who need assistance.  For all these reasons, you have difficulty saving money and often engage in self-indulgence even when you know you should be tightening your belt.

In a profession you would do well in medicine and healing, law, education, travel, or any other field which promotes personal growth.  A routine, monotonous job would not be tolerable for you because you need to use your imagination in your chosen career.  You have an insatiable curiosity and are always willing to learn more.

Religious organizations leave you cold.  You feel the need to develop your own philosophy, which may include some of the more accepted religious teachings but will also be adapted to meet your own spiritual needs.  Since you are an avid reader, you can combine traditional religious teachings with your own to develop your own philosophy.  You know that there is a purpose to even the most insignificant occurrences in daily life.

Emotionally, you are drawn to persons who have the same enthusiasm for life and who are eager to share their life experiences with you.  You are more concerned to have a partner who contributes to your growth than one who is well- fixed financially.  You tend to be less concerned with material possessions.

Physically, be careful not to indulge in excessive eating or drinking.  Also, be sure to get plenty of rest.  You are prone to high blood pressure and must watch your living habits carefully in order to prevent this.


Venus trine Mars  (Strength:  4.62)

You are warm and affectionate and are a pleasant companion.  Your willingness to compromise prompts others around you to return the courtesy.  You are outgoing and friendly without being overbearing, and people generally respond to you positively.  You do not ask anyone to do or be anything that you are not willing to do or be yourself.

Your friends appreciate the fact that you always manage to see the positive side of a person and kindly overlook their faults.  They find your self-confidence contagious and know that you will always respond to them with understanding.  You tend to bring out the best in people.  This is perhaps because they do not find you threatening and therefore do not criticize or attack you in self-defense.

Others seek you out to join in their social activities, and you are a cheerful addition to any party.  You are very creative and could excel in any occupation that allowed you to express this creativity, such as dance, art, music, drama, etc.  You would also do well in jobs which require you to appear before the general public.  Public relations would be a good job for you; you can smooth the feathers on the most dissatisfied customers with your charm and wit.  Whatever your occupation, you would probably experience greater satisfaction being self-employed.

Your early home life was probably happy and focused on maintaining a positive attitude toward life.  You can help your own children by passing this down to them.  Children find you interesting and easy to relate to.  They bask in the warmth of your strong belief in yourself and are comforted by your inner strength.

You will certainly help out any friends in need, but you may wait to be asked before butting into their private life situations.  Be careful not to be used by love partners who will take advantage of your loving, generous nature.

Your attitude about sex is a healthy one, and you have few hang-ups in this area.  Although you are not wildly experimental in sex, this is not because of inhibitions.  You just don't feel the need to get so fancy and way-out about sex; you'll take yours nice and simple.  As a matter of fact, you could simplify sex for others and help them work on their own inhibitions.


Jupiter opposite Midheaven  (Strength:  4.37)

One or both of your parents were very nurturing and supportive, and you have many fond memories of your childhood days.  As an adult, your home is very important to you, and a stable and happy family life is your primary goal in life.  You would prefer to settle in a neighborhood that has a strong sense of community and people who can work together in harmony.

With your well-developed sense of self, you do not need a large circle of friends around you at all times.  You need a great deal of space in your relationships, and you cannot tolerate jealousy or possessiveness.  Anyone who tries to restrict your freedom of movement risks losing contact with you altogether.

You prefer a spacious, comfortable home with as much acreage around it as possible.  If Jupiter is in your Fourth House, this aspect bodes well for good fortune in real estate transactions.


Mercury opposite Midheaven  (Strength:  4.21)

Since you were a small child, you've had the ability to communicate very clearly with others.  Because you become emotionally involved in every discussion, you can strongly convey your meaning to others on many levels.

Your ideas and feelings may seem so important to you that you are in danger of forgetting that other people are entitled to different opinions.  Try not to take everything so personally, and remember that others believe their feelings are important too.

At times you may find that you think a lot about your past, either with fond nostalgia or with bitter regret.  If you find yourself lamenting missed opportunities, just remind yourself that you cannot go back in time, only forward.  Use the energy you'd waste worrying to plan a better future for yourself.


Mercury sextile Ascendant  (Strength:  3.84)

You have a sharp wit and an intense curiosity.  Communication comes easily for you, and you are an adept conversationalist.  You are well read and therefore can speak with authority on many subjects.  In your dealings with others you approach situations from an intellectual rather than emotional perspective.  With your talent for detached observation and your way with words, you would also be an excellent writer.

With your natural ability at communication, you would do well in any career which would allow you to use this talent.  Since you also enjoy relating to people, you would enjoy a job which allows you to have contact with the public.  You are a never- ending source of new and clever ideas, and this too can help you in your career.  Just be sure you don't share your ingenious ideas with supervisors who will take the credit or see your sharp mind as a threat to their position.

You are a master at combining verbal language with subtle body signs to further convey your meaning.  It may take your partner a while to learn to read your subtlest communications, but once you are familiar with each other you will be able to communicate very well, even without words.  You are attracted to others primarily through their minds; if they measure up intellectually, then you get to know the rest of them.


Sun conjunct Pluto  (Strength:  3.45)

The Sun's conjunction with Pluto only occurs once (it's in orb for three weeks or so) each year, so it is unusual to have this aspect in your birth chart.  No matter what your Sun sign is, the close proximity of Pluto will give your Sun Scorpionic qualities.  You are a very intense person and find it difficult to do anything with moderation.  There is little middle ground with you--you either hate or love something, or someone.

One of the greatest lessons of this aspect is to rise above your powerful ego.  Since an early age you've been used to getting what you want, and you will courageously take on anyone who gets in your way.  You seek positions of leadership and power, and you are intolerant of weakness in others, or in governments.  Just remember that more can be accomplished with careful planning and consideration.  Be willing to give up any attachment you may have to fame, and share the credit for group accomplishments with the group.

You are in favor of social reform and may even work for noble causes seeking to improve the quality of life for those less fortunate.  You are quick to speak out against social injustice or intolerable situations.  And you are not afraid to confront authority figures if need be.

In your love life, you must find a mate with physical needs as strong as yours.  Others find you hypnotically charming, and it may be possible for you to bring some people under your control with little effort.  Just remember that all Pluto aspects contain a strong element of karma.  Unless your motivations are sincerely for the good of all, using your power over others to obtain your goals will only result in your ultimate ruin.

One danger with this aspect is that you may become a workaholic.  Remember not to push yourself too far.  Although your ego is powerful enough to surmount virtually any obstacle, your body may need a rest now and then.  Focusing your energy in order to use it more constructively is your key to success.


Mercury conjunct Pluto  (Strength:  3.03)

Your mind is very intense, and you are constantly researching everything (and everyone) in life.  You seek a deeper meaning behind everything and have a keen eye for details.  Your intense curiosity can lead you to go to extremes in gathering data in order to solve your problems.

Mysterious and occult matters have a special fascination for you.  You love a good intellectual challenge and would therefore do well in such positions as: detective, analyst, chemist, researcher, surgeon or pathologist.  Other possible areas of satisfaction for you would be exploration and financial advising. 

It is not difficult for you to win people over to your position by gentle but firm persuasion.  Once you set a goal for yourself, nothing or no one should try to stand in your way.  It is hard for you to take advice at times like this, although it would be advisable for you to develop such listening skills.

In your dealings with others you can be quite vindictive and vengeful.  One of your pet peeves is social injustice, and you have no patience for public officials who allow unjust social conditions to prevail.  You may be tempted to work for the underdog yourself as lobbyist or spokesman.  This would be a positive channel for your pent-up anger over social inequities.

You are a demanding lover and can sometimes be lacking in compassion when asked to accept your lover's faults.  You try to dominate your partner and then lose respect for him or her when they allow you to do so.  You require a strong mate who can hold firmly to his or her own position and work with you so that you both can grow from the association.  A common goal or ideal will form a strong bond between you.


Sun sextile Neptune  (Strength:  2.88)

You are highly creative and extremely sensitive.  Your many friends are from varied walks of life, and you have a gift for relating to them all freely.  You are not quick to judge others, and you try to appreciate the good that everyone has to offer.  Others see you as tolerant and sympathetic.

Although you understand that the world is in need of much change, you prefer to offer your time and efforts to those who need them, rather than attempt to change the system.  You offer your assistance freely and with good intentions, and you are truly hurt and disappointed if it is not accepted.

Because of your high level of sensitivity and changeability, you can easily adapt to most careers.  You enjoy dealing directly with the public, and you would do particularly well working in an establishment which emphasized relaxation, such as a travel agency, resort, etc.  You also have talent for writing and drama, as well as creative ability for arts and crafts.

Although you are willing to work in the midst of squalor and suffering, you never lose sight of the ideal you are striving to accomplish.  For this reason you will take on tasks that others avoid.

You are careful to choose a lover who meets your standards in a relationship.  You can often sense the needs of your lover and are a gentle and thoughtful lover.  This allows you to become very close with your partner.


Jupiter sextile Uranus  (Strength:  2.79)

You are highly optimistic and foresighted in planning your future.  You have the ability to accomplish a great many of your goals.  Because of your curiosity, you are constantly seeking new information (sometimes somewhat impatiently) and have a vast storehouse of ideas of your own.  Your mind is quite active and very sharp.

The best careers for you would include teaching, writing and politics.  You could also excel in law, religion or philosophy.  You adapt easily to changing times and will not spend much time being bored.

To you honesty is the best policy, and you insist on it in your friends and lovers.  You are generous to a fault with your friends, but you will stop all support for anyone who proves to be insincere or untrustworthy.  You also constantly seek new ways to develop yourself, exploring for an inner hidden truth.  You have a highly developed intuition which you must learn to trust.

Sexually, you are quite original.  You experiment sexually, but not just for the sake of doing something new.  Your good judgment allows you to determine which new styles of lovemaking will work and which will not.

You make a very good leader and can inspire your followers with your optimism.  But you must be careful not to push your leadership on those weaker than you.


Mars square Midheaven  (Strength:  1.96)

You are a very strong-willed individual, and you will stop at nothing to get what you want.  Although you usually achieve the results you desire, you don't always get the results you need.  This is mostly because you are impatient and want immediate gratification.  Often patience is the key to achieving maximum return on your investments.

Throughout your entire life, you've had difficulties with authority (beginning with your parents).  You feel compelled to prove to them that they have no power over you (although they sometimes do).  Just be sure that your displays of independence don't cost you more than they're worth.

To others you often appear to be aggressive or even downright pushy.  At times, it may seem that you pick fights just for the challenge involved.  As you mature, you'll find other ways to build your self-confidence that don't include conflict.  Then you'll be amazed at how much more you'll accomplish in life.


Uranus conjunct Ascendant  (Strength:  1.86)

You project your personality freely and honestly, and others are stimulated by your individuality.  Although most people admire you, others are intimidated by your complete self-awareness and feel overshadowed by you.  You are not trying to overwhelm others, you are only being yourself.

You are warm and friendly to everyone, regardless of their race, sex, clothes or social status.  In fact, you encourage others to resist the barriers of worn out customs or traditions and to be their own unique self.  Customs of the past are there to teach us something and do not determine the future.

You understand that any group or society as a whole can be only as good as its parts, and you recognize everyone's role in contributing to the whole.  You seek a higher consciousness beyond the material world and are eager to participate in projects designed to encourage growth in consciousness in others.  You refuse to judge any situation merely by the material facts.

During your life you will undergo a great deal of change, often suddenly and radically.  While the situations prompting these changes may come upon you like bolts out of the blue and may seem quite unpleasant, they can also spur you into using your resourcefulness to find a solution.  In the end, you may find that these "disruptions" in your life have been blessings in disguise.

Others see you as different and unique, even unusual.  This is especially true in your love life.  Avoid ultra-conservative types and others who would not appreciate your inventiveness and creativity.  While you would benefit from a partner who could offer stability and guidance for your originality, you could not tolerate anyone who would hold you back from expressing yourself freely.


Mercury sextile Uranus  (Strength:  1.42)

You have above average intelligence and may lose patience with those who cannot keep up with your mental pace.  Your parents were probably amazed at your intellectual gift as a child, and you became accustomed to older adults being impressed with the extent of your knowledge.

You have a wealth of knowledge in many areas and share your bounty freely with anyone who expresses an interest.  You would enjoy teaching but would need a challenging position in order not to become intellectually bored.  You are good at inspiring others to learn.

Because your mind is constantly moving, periods of rest and relaxation are most important for your well-being.  Cultivate some patience and learn to unwind.

Your sex life will never be boring, and you will bring vitality into your sexual relationships.  You need a partner who will be willing to act out your fantasies with you and allow you to exercise your sexual creativity.


Moon trine Neptune  (Strength:  1.15)

You are highly inventive and artistically creative; you have an active imagination.  You enjoy a unity between your inner and outer selves which gives you a spiritual outlook on life.  You communicate your feelings well through artistic expression and have a deep appreciation for things of beauty.

You probably play a chief nurturing role in your family and encourage your loved ones to express themselves to the fullest.  It is possible that you will enjoy your freedom of movement and choose not to have a family.  Nevertheless, children will grow through contact with you and will treasure your advice.  They are comfortable in your presence and trust your judgment.

While you enjoy helping others, you don't feel obligated to assist someone who refuses to help themselves.  You respect and appreciate the creative works of others (artistic or otherwise) and are a loyal friend.  Since you are aware of the importance of every person's role in the community, you may volunteer your time or otherwise work on causes you consider to be worthwhile.

You prefer a lover who is interesting and preferably somewhat educated or refined.  You would never become bored with someone who had a variety of interests and led an active life.  It is likely that you will achieve the finer things in life.  When you do, remember that your best opportunities for growth can be found through sharing your vast resources with others.


Sun opposite Midheaven  (Strength:  1.08)

Your personal life is the most important thing to you, and it is crucial that your home and family be nurturing and supportive.  Ideally, your domestic life is harmonious and happy, as you could not tolerate one that is filled with conflict.  A stable and secure home life will help you establish a strong sense of identity.

It is very difficult for you to be objective about people and events in your life.  You tend to judge the world according to your own values and emotional reactions.  If something is not alright with you, then you can't imagine how it can be with anyone else.  It probably seems to you at times that nothing could possibly be more important in life than your feelings.

You are very introspective, and your own opinion of yourself means more than the opinions of others.  Rather than seeking material success in the outer world, your greatest achievement is to develop your inner qualities through self-examination and personal growth.


Mercury conjunct Jupiter  (Strength:  0.91)

You have an insatiable curiosity and a constant desire to learn new things.  As a matter of fact, you probably drove your parents to distraction with continuous questions as a child.  Communication comes naturally to you, and you can express yourself convincingly.  Since you are so well read, you can speak confidently without fear of correction.  Intellectually you are very creative and ingenious, and you are inspired to develop your creative talents to their fullest.

In a career you would do well in education (especially history), philosophy, public relations, writing, the media and any job involving extensive travel.  It would be relatively simple for you to become an expert in your chosen field.  You seek to apply your skills toward making the world a better place.  Don't waste these creative talents.  The world needs them.

You value higher education and would benefit greatly from it.  However, you are constantly seeking new experiences and may have trouble focusing on one subject for very long.  Don't let this bother you; instead, develop self-discipline.  Learning to focus your intellectual energies will increase your chances of success.

Others like to hear you speak on subjects on which you are knowledgeable.  You have vast amounts of information in your head, and others admire your intellect.  Just be careful to recognize when you have talked enough about a subject.  Don't bore your listeners.  Because you know so much about the world, it may be difficult for you to choose a path to follow.  Learn to plan well for your endeavors in life.

Your health will suffer if you do not receive adequate rest and relaxation.  Get away from the rat race every now and then.  You'll be in a much better position to handle it when you return.


Mars square Pluto  (Strength:  0.72)

You have a tendency to be overly aggressive and forceful in your dealings with others, and others often consider you to be reckless.  When you impose your will upon others you can cause severe problems for yourself when they react in self-defense.  You have a hair-trigger temper and may even resort to physical violence when upset.  At the very least, you become verbally abusive.

Learn to react to unpleasant circumstances with your intellect rather than your emotions.  If you have a hard time being objective, seek someone else's opinion and be willing to take their advice.  You would do well to have someone act on your behalf rather than exacerbating an already difficult situation.

In your professional life be careful not to be too demanding of superiors.  This could jeopardize not only your job but your financial situation as well.  Learn to compromise and to hold your tongue (and your temper) when it would be in your best interest to do so.  Once you accomplish this, you will be able to channel your tremendous energy resource into productive areas and will demonstrate courage, persistence and ambition.

It is easy for you to find something negative to say about anyone or anything.  Try to turn this around.  Learn to support others with the same vigor that you criticize them.  The power of love is much greater than you think.  Don't be so quick to issue ultimatums when you meet an obstacle.  Instead, find a way to convince others to work with you of their own free will.

In your love life you do not take rejection well.  You have a highly developed sex drive, but you must learn to rein in your aggressiveness in this area.  Be sure that your relationships have other things going for them besides sex.


Mercury conjunct North Node  (Strength:  0.41)

You have a very active and inventive mind, and you enjoy exchanging ideas with others.  Every situation presents you with new learning experiences from which you can learn a great deal, if you pay attention.  Your spiritual growth in this lifetime will be greatly enhanced through communication with others.  You will also benefit from sharing what you have learned with others.

During past lifetimes you have survived by using your physical strength or through the generosity of others.  In this lifetime you will learn that developing your mind gives you greater power in this world and encourages spiritual growth, and you will attract many teachers to you who will offer you valuable information and enlightenment.


Venus square Uranus  (Strength:  0.24)

Among other things, this aspect indicates that you must be careful to get enough rest.  Natives often have a high level of nervous energy and can easily "run down their batteries" if not careful.  This nervous energy carries over into your business as well as social life.  Your tendency to react spontaneously and intensely to others makes you appear to be emotionally erratic and aggressive.

You make friends easily but do not make commitments casually.  You are attracted to persons who seem mysterious and unusual, but you immediately lose interest when they become "serious."  If you do form close relationships, they will definitely be unconventional.  You are very much a free spirit and do not care for the idea of belonging to anyone.  In order for you to find happiness in a love relationship, you must be willing to meet your partner half way, even if it means giving up a little freedom yourself.

You can be promiscuous and oftentimes delight in defying convention. Your sexual desires are quite strong, and you must be careful not to jeopardize other aspects of your life in your pursuit of satisfaction of your many sexual fantasies.  You should not deny these desires, but you should control them, not let them control you.

Career-wise, you must slow down your pace long enough to accept and carry out responsibility on the job.  Unless you can demonstrate an ability to focus on tasks and patiently follow them through to a successful conclusion, you will not find promotions on the job easy.


Balance of Elements and Modalities


Abundant Fire 

You are an active, future-oriented person who is not weighed down by past commitments.  You take advantage of new opportunities better than most.  Life for you can be a vibrant affair in which you passionately pursue causes, lovers, and experiences.  You have the self-confidence to be a leader.  Competitive and flamboyant, you have little patience for slow people or unexciting work.  When an activity interests you, you can be very generous with your time, energy, and money.  Find outlets for your gifts of creativity and intuition.

Watch out for a tendency to exaggerate or to be insensitive to others' feelings.  More cautious types may envy and resent your free spirit and competitive nature.  You get bored easily and may depend on others to finish the projects that you start.  When your warmth is guided by love, wisdom, and positive goals you have the ability to heal and inspire others, but when you focus on your self or lack direction, your short-lived passions can affect others in destructive ways.


Abundant Earth

You are in touch with the real world.  More than others, you know where the rubber meets the road; persistent study has shown you how to make things happen in a practical sort of way.  Your nature is well-suited to the adult world of responsibilities, which you master at a young age.  Not impulsive with your resources, you would only start a business after careful study, but you would manage it well.  You enjoy the satisfaction that comes not just from starting projects, but from finishing them.  Your steady, organized approach is actually more productive in the long-run than is that of the quick, flashy types.  You know how to establish a pace and keep it.

Do not let your awareness of the material world make you unappreciative of the spiritual plane that underpins our life here -- to which others may be more sensitive than you.  Practicality is fine, but try to understand that dreams, feelings, and enthusiasms are also important and should not be squelched.  Others might surprise you with what their optimistic risk-taking is able to achieve.  You can be so cautious and reserved that some people find you conservative and dull.  If you yourself become bored or depressed, admit that security isn't everything and try to be more spontaneous.  Open up to the new and follow your bliss (in a careful sort of way).


Lack of Water

For you the world of feelings may be terra incognita.  Close interpersonal relations, which require the expression of feelings, and empathy for others' feelings, do not come naturally or easily for you.  You have difficulty putting yourself in someone else's shoes in order to feel what they feel.  You will learn how to deal with life in a tough, mental sort of way.  People looking for someone to empathize with them should not come to you.  Those people who are comfortable with you are not looking for emotional closeness.  It's not that you don't have emotions and feelings, but they do not come out easily in your relationships.  If you are an artist, they may come out in your art.  You probably take refuge from the difficulty of forming emotional connections by concentrating on intellectual, practical, or inspired activity.  Your best companions would be those who are able to inhabit these realms with you, but who are also in touch with their feelings.  They can help you to contact your own feelings and teach you to respect and honor other people's feelings.

A lack of planets in Water signs can be offset by a Water sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the houses of Endings.


Abundant Endings

With abundant planets in the houses of endings, you are probably sensitive, moody, and introspective.  You are not afraid to show your feelings and make an empathetic listener to the problems and feelings of others.  You have been around the track enough yourself to sense what others are going through and to show that you care.  You are not the most intellectual or practical person.  You can be easily swayed by an appeal to your emotions.


Abundant Relationships

With abundant planets in these houses, relationships and communications with others are likely to be central to your life.  You can help others by exchanging ideas and making connections between people.  You will probably maintain active contact with a wide circle of relatives, friends and acquaintances.  You keep abreast of new information via various media and your friends.


Lack of Substance

You are not the most grounded or practical person.  The rules of this material world are not well known to you.  Others may admire your dreams, but they could be impossible dreams.  You may find it difficult to choose, plan, and work towards a career or vocation.

A lack of planets in the houses of Substance can be offset by abundant planets in Earth signs.


Lack of Life

You could have difficulty envisioning or planning for the future.  You are likely to accept the status quo, living in the past and present, but not actively striving to create the future.  Lacking your own passionate goals, you are more likely to be a follower than a leader.

A lack of planets in the houses of Life can be offset by abundant planets in Fire signs.


Abundant Fixed

With an abundance of planets in Fixed signs, you have the staying power to complete a project, grow a family, or expand a business.  Your strength is what friends notice most about you.  You have definite values; you focus your affections on the people and things that are part of your team.  Friendships formed over time are important to you.  You may be found at the center of a circle of friends, a large family, a government agency, or a business.  You understand the contribution that stability and security make to prosperity and growth.  It throws you off-balance when friends are not as reliable as you are or when love and ideals are not part of your life.  Concentrate on developing confidence in yourself, a wholesome world for your family or group, and binding others to you with love.  If you have a weakness, it is trouble changing or listening when people tell you a better way to do things.  You can handle this weakness by empowering your team, as among them will be individuals who are good at reacting to a constantly changing world.


Lack of Cardinal

With a lack of planets in Cardinal signs, you may have trouble starting things.  You may be timid about developing and carrying out plans.  You would prefer to let others break the first ground of a new venture, so that you can pitch in and help once the outlines of the venture are clear.  You probably lack confidence in your mastery of the real world and survival in it.  You may substitute a rich inner life for your lack of action in the outer world.  In its highest form, you may be unusually creative or spiritually committed.  Ideas filter up as you focus on 'being' instead of 'doing'.  Watch out for the lower manifestations, which are delegating tasks to others and pitying yourself over the lot that befalls you in life as a result of your lack of direction and initiative.  Your different perspective on life gives you valuable insights that let you make real contributions wherever you are.

A lack of planets in the Cardinal signs can be offset by a Cardinal sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the Angular houses.


Abundant Cadent

An abundance of planets in the cadent houses helps to make you versatile and adaptable.  You are flexible in your plans, adapting easily to changes or to the people whom you meet.  You may travel a lot or move frequently.  You are a good listener and communicator.  You will use your mind a lot or frequently spend time alone during your life.


Lack of Succedent

A lack of planets in succedent houses gives you a certain emotional detachment.  You do not pay much attention to the pleasures of the body or to cultivating a particular group of friends.  Enjoying life is not the most important thing to you.  You act not on the basis of feeling or principle, but from necessity.  You tend to be a restless wanderer of either the world or the mind.

A lack of planets in the Succedent houses can be offset by abundant planets in the Fixed signs.



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