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Noteworthy Releases 2007

Noteworthy Releases 2007


"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."

~Julius Henry Marx (1890–1977)

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Another Door Opens
Product no.: 0-7432-7965-4
When a loved one dies, most of us assume the door to communication with that person has closed, and all we are left with are memories.

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Astrological Roots: The Helenistic Legacy
Product no.: 978-1-902405-24-7
Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy is the first systematic presentation of Hellenistic astrology to the modern astrological world, and as such it uncovers rigorous techniques that have been lost to us for centuries.

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Basic Teachings of the Buddha
Product no.: 978-0-8129-7523-9
In Basic Teachings of the Buddha, Glenn Wallis selects sixteen essential dialogues drawn from more than five thousand Pali-dialect suttas of the Buddhist canon.

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Book of Stones, The
Product no.: 978-1-55643-668-0
The Book of Stones is a new edition of the best-selling guide to some of Earth’s most beautiful natural objects.

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Buddha or Bust
Product no.: 978-1-4000-8218-6
Journalist Perry Garfinkel circumnavigated the globe to discover the heart of Buddhism and the reasons for its growing popularity—and ended up discovering himself in the process.

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Cosmic Karma
Product no.: 978-0-7387-1054-9
Did you know that before you were born, your soul made a promise with the entire universe to aim higher and do better in this life? Sounds like a tall order!

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Cosmos and Psyche
Product no.: 978-0452288591
Richard Tarnas's The Passion of the Western Mind—acclaimed by leading voices in philosophy, religion, psychology, and history—sets the stage for this major work, thirty years in the making.

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Crossing into Medicine Country
Product no.: 978-1-57178-208-3
From the coauthor of the million-copy, best-selling Medicine Cards comes this riveting account of initiation into ancient wisdom and the healing power of a Native American shaman.

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Dhammapada, The
Product no.: 978-0-8129-7727-1
In this elegant new translation, Sanskrit scholar Glenn Wallis has exclusively referred to and quoted from the canonical suttas–the presumed earliest discourses of the Buddha.

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In My Own Way
Product no.: 1-57731-584-7

In this new edition of his acclaimed autobiography - long out of print and rare until now - Alan Watts tracks his spiritual and philosophical evolution.

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Number: 23 Page 1 of 3