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Re-establishes and develops the link between sacred philosophies and classical astrology by elaborating upon writings of the sage Plotinus.

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"This, the sensible universe," states Anthony Damiani in his bold introduction, "is the primordial scripture... [It] embodies the wisdom of primal principles... that are as far beyond it as the heavens are beyond the Earth." He then draws us deep into the mind of possibly the greatest of all cosmologists of soul - Plotinus - to show "that the basis of astrology is an acquaintance with the wisdom-knowledge that sustains the cosmos." With incredible deftness, he shows how deep contemplation of universal and omnipresent "wisdom emanations" comes to a vital and unique spiritual fulfillment in each birth chart - that is, in the unique image of the whole of life that each of us calls "my mind."

Astronoesis has more than 170 figures and diagrams, is full-cloth hardcover bound with gold foil stamping on front and spine, smyth-sewn to lay flat, and is wrapped in a non-curling 4-color laminated jacket.

"I think that this is possibly the most important book on Philosophy and Astrology and the Metaphysics of Astrology in 1500 years, in other words since the fall of Classical Civilization. It serves to reconnect Astrology with its own philosophical foundations which we can build upon rather than trying to graft Astrology onto other less appropriate philosophical foundations such as Theosophy, Jung and modern Psychology in general. It has already had an impact on the way in which I think about the symbols of Astrology. I would recommend this book to any serious student of Philosophy and Astrology, although I would warn the student that it is not for the philosophically faint of heart."    ~Robert Hand

"Astronoesis is the most significant book I have read in years. It is one of those few great works that show us who we are by placing an understanding of the human being within the context of the larger cosmos..."       ~Robert Sardello

"It provides - for one willing to go through the labor - a transformation of consciousness into the capacity to live within the innerness, the inner life of the cosmos. Nothing less!"      ~Parabola 

"The philosopher-sage enunciates the Logos (the Word), and the knowledge he communicates is primarily Wisdom. He is required to be precise within the given structures, the cultural mores, and the needs of his era, yet his stance is also outside of and beyond these forms. Hence it is only natural that first in the order of importance should be statements about the existence of God, the One-Only—for, following upon this certitude that is the very core of all that he will say, he also transmits for our benefit a wisdom-knowledge or prima philosophia conascent with the foundations of our world and our being.

The One is absolute positivity: pure universal existence inbound with the totality of possibilities and infinity of power. Perhaps it might be more meaningful and provocative to say that it is intelligence—or, better still, pure intelligence. Sufficient and complete in itself, the only Perfection is without peer and is beyond any limitation, dependence, need, or multiplicity of any kind. This affirmation of its transcendence does not imply that the One is a blank homogeneity or a zero, but, rather, that it is unlimited fullness. To aim the understanding 'beyond being' does not mean that it must at some point fall into an abyss of nothingness. On the contrary, whatever aseity characterizes any principle or idea is removed by this method, and the infinity of the transcendent is then conceptually available."

Author Damiani, Anthony
Book Type Hardcover
Page Count 396 pp.
Publisher Larson Publications 2000
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