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Neoshamanism and Entheogenic Healing

"The mescalin experience is what Catholic theologians call 'a gratuitous grace,' not necessary to salvation
but potentially helpful and to be accepted thankfully, if made available. To be shaken out of the ruts of ordinary
perception, to be shown for a few timeless hours the outer and the inner world, not as they appear to an animal
obsessed with survival or to a human being obsessed with words and notions, but as they are apprehended,
directly and unconditionally, by Mind at Large."              ~Aldous Huxley

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13 Original Clan Mothers, The
Product no.: 0-06-250756-7
The 13 Original Clan Mothers shares the stories, totems, and talents which come with each cycle of the moon.

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Acid Dreams
Product no.: 0-8021-3062-3
Acid Dreams is the complete social history of LSD and the counterculture it helped to define in the sixties.

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Active Side of Infinity, The
Product no.: 0-06-092960-X
Don Carlos presents his tenth and final recapitulation, leaving the faithful reader stranded with this maudlin account of his youth in Brazil and life in L.A. during the don Juan apprenticeship.

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass (The Centenary Edition)
Product no.: 0-14-043317-1
First published in 1865, Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was an immediate success, as was its sequel, Through the Looking-Glass.

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Angel Tech
Product no.: 0-941404-45-5
A comprehensive compendium of insights and techniques for the direct application of Dr. Timothy Leary's Eight-Circuit Brain model for Intelligence Increase.

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Product no.: 0-87542-028-1

Animal Speak provides techniques for recognizing and interpreting the signs and omens of nature.

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Aquarian I Ching, The
Product no.: 0-914732-30-7
Pease has brought the exotic and often mysterious world of the Chinese sages to living vitality in the modern Western world.

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Archaic Revival, The
Product no.: 0-06-250613-7
Speculations on psychedelic mushrooms, the Amazon, virtual reality, UFOs, evolution, shamanism, rebirth of the Goddess and the end of History.

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Art of Dreaming, The
Product no.: 0-06-092554-X
Bestselling author Carlos Castaneda introduces readers to the worlds that exist within their dreams, in the ninth penultimate work.

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Awakening Into Bliss: The Search for the Cosmic Giggle
Product no.: 0-94432-01-09
Spiritual autobiography. Learn to connect with your inner truth.

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