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Jim Carrey Solar Return Chart for:

Sunday, January 16, 2011    8:50:50 PM
Los Angeles, California
Time Zone: 08:00 (PST)
Longitude: 118º W 14' 34"
Latitude: 34º N 03' 08

Jim Carrey's Return Chart shows that he will experience both a Lunar and Solar Return simultaneously. Return Gemini moon in the tenth house indicates the constant drive to maintain his extraordinary career. While the Sun's return in the 5th house shows he'll have fun doing it.





Once each year, the Sun returns to the exact position that it held at the time of your birth. This report outlines the astrological influences on the year ahead for the positions of the planets at the precise time of your annual solar return. The report delineates the influence of the Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun, Moon, and each of the nine planets as they interact with each other and with the Houses of the horoscope. Because there is such a wealth of information, you may find it helpful to orient yourself by first reading the following three sections in their entirety (including their subsections):

  • The Solar Return Sun: The Central Focus of the Year
  • The Solar Return Ascendant: Personal Themes for the Year
  • Connections between Planets and House Cusps: Key Events of the Coming Year



Return Sun in Capricorn


The Return Sun occupies the exact location in the same sign as the Sun in your birth chart. Having the Sun in Capricorn generally makes you careful, dependable, ambitious, determined, organized, disciplined, reliable, serious, and prudent. Your faults may include being overly shy, materialistic, rigid, exacting, rule-bound, or conventional. Having considered the sign containing the Sun, we now turn to the Sun's Return House position, which highlights the central themes of the year ahead.


The House Occupied by the Sun:

Major Issues of the Year


Return Sun in the Return 5th House

The Sun occupies your Return 5th House and places the focus on children, romance, recreation, sports, vacations, creative projects, speculation, risk-taking, and investments. You tend to be more popular and light-hearted unless the Sun forms stressful aspects (see below). Now is an excellent time to pursue a creative project or to assume a leadership position. Love affairs blossom. For those who are unattached, an engagement to marry is possible. Time spent with children or on their behalf is especially rewarding. You would do well to plan a special vacation during this Return year.


The Sun's Aspects in the Solar Return Chart


Return Sun sextile Return Uranus (Strength: 4.30) - Aspect perfects on 10/3/2011.

The Sun favorably aspecting Uranus brings surprises, unexpected events, new interests, progressive ideas, and exciting opportunities into your life. These happenings could have a significant impact on your character and allow you to more readily express your unique individuality. Sudden flashes of insight could increase your spiritual awareness. You may become more outspoken, even rebellious, and you might join with others in promoting a cause. Career breaks and job changes are possible. In the area of relationships, there might be sudden attachments or love affairs. All Sun/Uranus aspects tend to stimulate your creativity, excitability, self-will, and originality.


Return Sun conjunct Return Mars (Strength: 3.72)

These two fiery planets in conjunction can stimulate the adrenaline, so be wary of rash or impetuous behavior. Think about consequences before you act. This is likely to be an extremely busy year, full of constant activity with little time to rest. Sex may become a high priority, and for some, marriage is a possibility. You are able to exercise leadership and can succeed in advancing your career. Although teamwork is generally favored, self-centered, egotistical, or impulse-ridden behavior could cause arguments, hostility, and opposition from others. Use this energy wisely to accomplish your goals; otherwise, you run the risk of overstrain, illness, injury, heart problems, accidents, waste, conflicts with others, or a need for surgery. Activities related to the Houses of the Return chart with Aries and Scorpio on their cusps will be especially highlighted during the year.


Return Sun sextile Return Jupiter (Strength: 2.68)

Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, bestows honors, awards, and good fortune. It is not uncommon to marry, have children, graduate college, increase income, do freelance work, get a promotion, publish a book, or receive public recognition under this influence. Matters related to universities, higher education, organized religion, publishing, legal affairs, and foreign interests proceed smoothly. This is an excellent time to seek advanced training or to further your education. You are able to function more independently in pursuing your goals in life. Events may stimulate your awareness of philosophical, religious, moral, and ethical issues. An opportunity to travel may present itself. Sun/Jupiter aspects often correlate with ceremonies that formally acknowledge past achievements and changes in worldly status. Friends offer support and encouragement, and you may be able to make one of your cherished dreams a reality.


The Solar Return Ascendant:

Personal Themes for the Year


The Ascendant-Descendant or East-West Axis in the SR chart

The East-West Axis of the astrological map represents the Celestial Horizon. The Ascendant (in the East) signifies the filter through which you view the world and the manner in which you project your personality toward others. It also reflects your physical body and your personal initiatives. The Descendant (in the West) symbolizes your partnerships, close relationships, and the way you get along with other people.

Planets that form close aspects with the East-West Axis of the Return chart will color your personality style, personal initiatives, and manner of relating. The degree of the zodiac rising in the East (the Ascendant) varies with your location on earth at the time of your Solar Return. If the Return Ascendant receives particularly stressful aspects, some astrologers advise their clients to travel to a location that will minimize or negate those aspects on the day of their Solar Return. In the following section we consider the influence of the horizon (Ascendant-Descendant) axis in the year ahead.




Return Ascendant in Virgo


The Return Ascendant in Virgo highlights matters related to health, hygiene, therapeutics, service, duties, daily work, and activities requiring attention to detail. This is a year when you will need to utilize your capacity for logic, organization, discrimination, and analytical thinking. You may be called upon to teach or instruct others. Because the Ascendant signifies your body, check to see whether the Ascendant itself or the Ascendant's ruler Mercury forms stressful aspects. If so, you could encounter health problems during the year. The Houses of your Natal chart with Virgo on the cusp as well as the House of your Return chart that contains Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, indicate areas of your life that will be in high focus during the coming year. Planets that form close aspects to Mercury in the Return chart indicate the types of people and events involved. Mercury is the planetary ruler of the sign Virgo. Thus, Mercury is the ruler of the Ascendant in this year's Return chart.


The SR House Containing the Planet Ruling the SR Ascendant


Return Mercury in the Return 4th House

With Mercury in the Return 4th House, you find yourself thinking and communicating about home, family, early conditioning, domestic issues, and final endings. You may be pondering a change of residence. Agreements about property and real estate may require your attention. Discussions with family may center on real estate, domestic concerns, and activities done at home. An important message or piece of news could affect your family life. Young people may frequent your place of residence. A child may be added to the family at this time.


The Natal House Highlighted by the Solar Return Ascendant


Return Ascendant in the Natal 10th House

The Natal House placement of the Return Ascendant shows where you are most likely to take personal action during the coming year. Your dominant interests and activities will center on 10th House issues such as career, authority, parents, social recognition, honors, achievements, and public life. The affairs of a parent may occupy much of your time. A change in marital status can also accompany this placement.

The Return Ascendant-Descendant axis also highlights 4th House issues such as home, family life, domestic concerns, material security, laying foundations, real estate dealings, parents, elders, your upbringing, and your private life. Under this influence, it is not uncommon to change residence or remodel your home. There could be a change in the composition of your household, such as a birth, a child going off to college, or an older person moving into your home. Since the 4th is a House of endings, you may bring an important project to its conclusion. You might also experience a death in the family or some other significant ending.


Aspects involving the Ascendant in the Solar Return Chart


Return Ascendant square Return Venus (Strength: 2.96)

Venus in square aspect to the Ascendant indicates stress, tension, or lack of cooperation in marriage, partnerships, and close relationships. Teamwork may be marred by dissension and disagreement. Partners may not carry their fair share of the workload. Women in your life can become a source of worry, strain, sadness, or anxiety. Feeling unloved or unwanted can take a toll on your health.


The Solar Return Midheaven:

Worldly Status, Career, and Public Activity


The North-South or Meridian Axis of the Solar Return Chart

The North-South or Meridian Axis of the astrological map represents your vocation, public image, parents, and family matters. The Midheaven at the top of the chart (due south in those charts of the northern hemisphere) symbolizes your career, worldly status, and public activities. The Imum Coeli (I.C.) at the bottom of the chart signifies your home, your domestic life, and the final conclusion of pending affairs.

Planets that form close aspects with the North-South Axis of the Return chart will color vocational and family matters during the year. The degree of the zodiac on your Return Midheaven depends on your location on earth at the time of your Solar Return. If the Return Midheaven receives particularly stressful aspects, some astrologers advise their clients to travel to a location that will minimize or negate those aspects on the day of their Solar Return. In the following section we consider the influence of the meridian axis in your Return chart.




Return Midheaven in Gemini

The Midheaven in Gemini suggests that your career, status, and public activities will involve a great deal of communication and many contacts in the community. Variety and mental stimulation become important aspects of the work that you do. You will probably travel and be frequently on the go with job related activities.

The House position of the Return Midheaven's planetary ruler gives further information about your social reputation and vocation in the year ahead. The planet ruling the Return Midheaven is discussed below. Because the planet Mercury rules the sign Gemini, Mercury is the ruler of the Midheaven in this year's Return chart.


The SR House Containing the Planet Ruling the SR Midheaven


Return Mercury in the Return 4th House

This interpretation appeared previously in section: The SR House Containing the Planet Ruling the SR Ascendant.


The Natal House Highlighted by the Solar Return Midheaven


Return Midheaven in the Natal 8th House

The Return Midheaven lies at the top of the Return chart where it reveals the actions and circumstances of your life that will be most visible to others during the coming year. When the Return Midheaven lies in your Natal 8th House, it highlights issues related to human mortality, death, sex, taxes, loans, inheritances, and joint finances. The illness or demise of a parental or authority figure is sometimes indicated by this placement. You may be called upon to investigate secret or hidden matters. Typically you will be dealing with some type of transformation and rebirth -- the ending of one phase of your life and the beginning of a new one. In stressful charts, a need for surgery or other healing interventions may be indicated.


Aspects involving the Midheaven in the Solar Return Chart


Return Midheaven trine Return Saturn (Strength: 1.10)

Saturn in harmonious aspect with the Midheaven enables you to be serious and responsible about matters of career, reputation, ambition, public standing, and your role in society. This can be a time of long hours and hard work, but you will also learn a great deal. You could assume a position of authority. People of power and influence are likely to support your efforts. If you put in the necessary work and honest effort, this can be a year of great accomplishment.


Return Midheaven conjunct Natal Moon (Strength: 3.03 )

With your Natal Moon on the Return Midheaven, you may find yourself wearing your feelings on your sleeve during the coming year. Others will take note of your emotional state, as it is plain for them to see. You will likely undergo changes that affect career matters and your relationships with those in authority. An opportunity to change jobs may arise. You could also take public action with regard to matters ruled by the Natal or Return Houses with Cancer on the cusp. Check to see whether the Moon forms stressful aspects; if so, you could be feeling a bit listless and depressed, especially about matters related to your public standing and your professional connections with others.


Planets in the Tenth House of the Solar Return Chart


SR Planets in the Solar Return Tenth House

The Return 10th House relates to career, family, worldly status, and any public actions you take during the year. The Return planets that occupy the Return 10th House reveal the nature of such public activity and how it may affect your vocational and family life.

The Return planets that occupy your Return 10th House are listed below. If this section is blank, there are no 10th House planets in your Return chart.


Return Moon in the Return 10th House

The Moon, which reflects your feelings and mood states, occupies the Return 10th House of career, authority, and public standing. Your work benefits from your ability to gauge the mood and interests of the general public. A major change is likely in your career, public standing, marital status, or the image that you present to the world. A certain amount of public attention often accompanies this placement. Issues of dependency may take center stage. Your emotional life could come into high focus, and variations in your mood may claim the attention of others. Fluctuations in your personal and public life can leave you feeling unsettled. Intimate supportive and nurturing relationships become a priority. Your mother or a maternal figure could become a source of concern.


The Solar Return Moon: Your Emotional Life


General Significance of the Moon

The Moon, ruler of Cancer, receives and reflects the light of the Sun. As such, the Moon symbolizes the inner, reflective, receptive, emotional, and subconscious aspects of human life. The Moon represents our feeling states, heredity, instincts, habit patterns, our early experiences with mothering, and our domestic life. Astrological aspects involving the Moon reveal how we react emotionally, and how we give or receive nurturing and comfort. People signified by the Moon include mothers, females in general, and the significant women in our lives. In health matters, the Moon symbolizes cyclic changes, nutrition, and female issues; also, the breasts, the stomach, and the brain matter.

The Return placement and aspects of the Moon may involve us either personally through health matters and life circumstances governed by the Moon, or indirectly through people symbolized by the Moon. Lunar aspects that are said to perfect on a certain date have an orb of a month or longer. We will next consider the Return zodiacal sign and House placements of the Moon.




Return Moon in Gemini

The Moon in Gemini brings changes and fluctuations to your emotional life. You may spend a lot of time this year talking and thinking about your feelings, perhaps in an effort to impose rationality on your gut instincts. You may experience a tendency to remain aloof -- wanting your head to rule your heart at this time. Indecisiveness and fear of commitment commonly accompany this placement. Relationships with siblings, neighbors, and close kin may become a focus of attention. Frequent travel could become emotionally taxing.


Aspects involving the Moon in the Solar Return Chart


Return Moon trine Return Saturn (Strength: 2.44)

This aspect has a stabilizing influence on your emotions. You tend to become more security-conscious and more serious about your affections. Progress can be made in family and domestic matters. This is a year when you could settle down, get married, buy a home, start a family, or deal with parental issues.


Return Moon trine Return Neptune (Strength: 1.43) - Aspect perfects on 6/15/2011.

Moon harmoniously contacting Neptune makes you sensitive, imaginative, and compassionate. You readily tune into the needs and feelings of others, and you become more aware of your own inner psychological states and unconscious motivations. Artistic, poetic, musical, literary, and creative endeavors go especially well. You develop a greater appreciation of the universality of the human experience. This can be a year of tremendous spiritual growth, especially for those with any type of mystical or religious calling.


Return Moon conjunct Natal Moon (Strength: 3.52 )

You are experiencing a lunar return at the same time as your Solar Return. As a result, you are likely to be sensitive, receptive, adaptable, and restless at this time. There is a major focus on your emotional life under this influence. Matters involving your mother and/or other important women in your life will figure prominently in the year ahead. The Return House in which this conjunction takes places and the Return and Natal Houses with Cancer on the cusp are especially emphasized by this conjunction.


Mercury: Communication, Writing, Learning, Selling, Short Trips


General Significance of Mercury

Mercury, ruler of Gemini and Virgo, was the messenger of the gods. Mercury symbolizes language, communication, the thinking process, the intellect, writing, correspondence, education, commerce, transit, movement, and all means of transport. Astrological aspects involving Mercury show how we think and communicate our ideas to others; also, how we move about in our community. People signified by Mercury include writers, communicators, salespersons, students, the young people in our lives, messengers, drivers, neighbors, siblings, and other kin. In health matters, Mercury symbolizes the tongue, upper extremities, lungs, respiratory system, nervous system, thyroid, and the sense of sight.

The Return placement and aspects of Mercury may involve us either personally through health matters and life circumstances governed by Mercury, or indirectly through people symbolized by Mercury. Travel accidents are often shown by afflictions to Mercury, especially hard aspects involving Mars or Uranus. We will next consider the Return zodiacal sign and House placements of Mercury.


Aspects of Mercury in the Solar Return Chart


Return Mercury conjunct Return Pluto (Strength: 5.70)

Return Mercury conjunct Return Pluto this year sharpens your mind and makes you a powerful and persuasive communicator. You quickly grasp what motivates other people. The force and clarity of your thinking enable you to readily influence others. Public recognition is possible. You may receive news that dramatically affects your life. You may learn of the passing of someone significant. Intense experiences occur while traveling. In-depth study, research, and investigation are favored activities. Thoughts about power, domination, sex, death, near-death experiences, or violence may occupy your mind. This year you could have profound insights about the nature of the human condition. You are likely to think deeply about what is essential in life.


Return Mercury conjunct Return Moon's North Node (Strength: 3.85)

Return Mercury on the Return Moon's North Node brings you into contact with other people through your mental, verbal, and communication skills. This will be an intellectually stimulating year in which you can exchange ideas with many others.


Return Mercury trine Natal Uranus (Strength: 1.17 )

Your mind is full of new ideas and novel ways to tackle old problems. Exciting people come into your life. Open yourself to fresh vistas.


Venus: Love, Money, Values, Relationships, Art, Beauty


General Significance of Venus

Venus, ruler of Taurus and Libra, was the goddess of love and beauty. Venus symbolizes attraction, romance, partnerships, social life, affection, harmony, fashion, art, style, luxury, money, possessions, indulgences, and sensual pleasures. Astrological aspects involving Venus show how we give and receive love, especially of the romantic sort; also, how we manage our finances, find pleasure, and adorn ourselves. People signified by Venus include lovers, wives, important women in our lives, artists, decorators, musicians, and anyone dedicated to the pursuit of beauty and/or pleasure. In health matters, Venus symbolizes problems of self-indulgence; also, the throat, the kidneys, the lower back or lumbar region, the parathyroids, and the sense of touch.

The Return placement and aspects of Venus may involve us either personally through health matters and life circumstances governed by Venus, or indirectly through people symbolized by Venus. We will next consider the Return zodiacal sign and House placements of Venus.


Return Venus in the Return 3rd House

Benefic Venus in your Return 3rd House is a fortunate influence for writing, speech, and communication. You can express yourself in a pleasant and charming manner. Social invitations or love letters may come in the mail. You could spend time enjoyably with siblings, kin, and neighbors. Success comes in sales and commerce. Trips and visits for fun are in the offing. You may indulge yourself in mental pleasures and intellectual pastimes.


Aspects of Venus in the Solar Return Chart


Return Venus square Natal Pluto (Strength: 4.73 )

Intense emotions affect your love life. Powerful stirrings from your unconscious may manifest in your closest relationships. Carefully examine any obsessive attachments to other people. Issues of domination, control, jealously, and manipulation may come up for review. Acting on impulse can alienate loved ones.


Mars: Initiative, Leadership, Drive, Passion, Energy


General Significance of Mars

Mars, ruler of Aries and Scorpio, was the god of war. Mars symbolizes initiative, courage, action, daring, aggression, leadership, drive, physical energy, heat, sexual passion, and the willingness to face challenges. Astrological aspects involving Mars show how we act independently, pioneer ideas, assert ourselves, and deal with competition. People signified by Mars include young men, husbands, leaders, warriors, and important men in our lives; also, those who regularly use force, tools, or weapons in their work. In health matters, Mars symbolizes fevers, cuts, wounds, the head, the muscular system, red blood cells, the gonads, urogenital system, adrenal gland, and the sense of taste.

The Return placement and aspects of Mars may involve us either personally through health matters and life circumstances governed by Mars, or indirectly through people symbolized by Mars. We will next consider the Return zodiacal sign and House placements of Mars.


Return Mars in Aquarius

The planet Mars symbolizes your energy, drive, and personal initiative. The zodiacal sign in the Return chart that hosts the planet Mars modifies how you are able to assert yourself, confront obstacles, and face challenges in the year ahead. With Return Mars in humanitarian Aquarius, you seek to use your energy freely and independently. You may willfully resent any efforts to "fence you in". Your organizational ability and dogged determination can help you to achieve your ambitions. You will likely be attracted to novel ideas and unorthodox ways of doing things. You could become a bit of a revolutionary in the workplace.


Return Mars in the Return 5th House

Taking action regarding fun, romance, children, and speculation Mars, the action planet, shows where you direct your energy. The 5th House signifies good times, fun, pleasure, sports, recreation, creative activities, risk-taking, speculation, gambling, children, and affairs of the heart. Time spent on a hobby can be rewarding. If Mars forms harmonious aspects, you can look forward to romance, love affairs, creative self-expression, and successful investing. This would be an excellent year to take that special vacation you've been dreaming about. Involvement in vigorous physical activity is also favored.

If Mars forms stressful aspects, there could be sports injuries, cardiac problems, losses through speculation, or difficulties with creative and recreational activities. Children could act up or be involved in some type of accident or injury. Take precaution to avoid an unwanted pregnancy or an STD during sexual activity. If you are tempted to gamble or invest money on impulse, keep in mind the saying, "easy come; easy go."


Aspects of Mars in the Solar Return Chart


Return Mars conjunct Return Sun (Strength: 3.72)

This interpretation appeared previously in section: The Sun's Aspects in the Solar Return Chart


Return Mars sextile Return Jupiter (Strength: 2.54)

Return Mars favorably aspecting Jupiter confers tremendous willpower, verve, and energy that you can direct toward achieving your goals. You are able to act decisively, with leadership and courage, in professional matters. Success in contracts, negotiations, and business deals comes easily. You can be exceptionally creative in such a year. Athletic achievements are possible. There may be opportunities to travel. Personally, this aspect often correlates with engagement, marriage, or the birth of a child. The main negative feature of this aspect is a tendency to overdo things. You are ready and willing to fight for your beliefs, but you should also act with moderation. Remember: haste makes waste and patience is a virtue.


Return Mars conjunct Natal Saturn (Strength: 6.39 ) - Aspect perfects on 10/29/2011.

Return Mars conjunct Natal Saturn can be a difficult aspect that puts a damper on your expenditure of energy. Your initiatives get frustrated, and you may feel like you are butting your head into a wall. Physical injuries are sometimes associated with this aspect, so be careful to avoid situations that put your body in the path of a destructive force. Problems with bones or teeth could arise. This is not the year to skip your routine dental exam. In general you will need to work longer and harder to achieve your goals. Used constructively, the energy of this aspect can give you remarkable endurance and great determination in getting any job done, but if you have cut corners, you are likely now to pay a price. On occasion, an experience of loss, grief, or bereavement will accompany this configuration.


Jupiter: Opportunities for Growth and Expansion


General Significance of Jupiter

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces, was king of the gods on Mount Olympus. Jupiter symbolizes good fortune, benevolence, expansion, learning, publishing, wisdom, long-distance travel, foreign interests, further education, philosophy, religion, and the broadening of one's horizons. Astrological aspects involving Jupiter show opportunities for advancement, potentials for growth, and our willingness to gather new experience. People signified by Jupiter include mature men, judges, lawyers, physicians, clergy, university professors, politicians, and those who have achieved positions of prominence or influence in their fields. In health matters, Jupiter symbolizes problems due to excess; also, the liver, pituitary gland, thighs, blood, arteries, and the sense of smell.

The Return placement and aspects of Jupiter may involve us either personally through health matters and life circumstances governed by Jupiter, or indirectly through people symbolized by Jupiter. We will next consider the Return zodiacal sign and House placements of Jupiter.


Return Jupiter in the Return 7th House Return

Jupiter in the Return 7th House usually brings benefits through marriage, business partnerships, and contractual agreements. You can negotiate successfully and prevail in legal controversies. Financial benefits may come through partnerships. Adversarial issues and legal matters from the past can be resolved. Consultants and advisors will be especially helpful. Good publicity may come your way. If your work takes you before the public, you can expect popularity and critical acclaim. There may also be opportunities to lecture or present your work in an open forum.


Aspects of Jupiter in the Solar Return Chart


Return Jupiter conjunct Return Uranus (Strength: 5.38)

Return Jupiter conjunct Return Uranus often brings money and unexpected good fortune from unusual sources. Sudden opportunities and lucky breaks can lead to advancement in your career. You quickly grasp the potentials of situations and are able to capitalize on them. Others are likely to take notice of your originality and creative imagination. This is a very favorable aspect to have in a Return. Wining at lotto and other types of financial windfalls are possible.


Return Jupiter square Return Moon's North Node (Strength: 2.59)

You may experience disharmony in associations with others. A relationship that initially appears pleasant and agreeable may go against your better interests. Overindulgence, extravagance, excessive sociability, rebelliousness, zealotry, or fanatical proselytizing might characterize your connections with others. What appears to be a genuine spiritual breakthrough could be based on misguided religiosity. You could suffer disappointment or disillusionment at the hands of a guru. Jarring events may give you a sense that something is missing from your life, prompting you to begin a search for meaning. You may feel particularly torn between materialism and spirituality. You might also run into conflicts with the norms of society, which in rare cases could lead to your being restricted or confined in some way.


Return Jupiter sextile Natal Saturn (Strength: 1.93 )

Jupiter softens the limiting influence of Saturn. You can more easily accomplish your goals, confront your fears, and overcome your anxieties. Some type of professional success or advancement may accompany this aspect.


Saturn: Duty, Responsibility, Important Lessons, Hardship, Limitations


General Significance of Saturn - The Great Teacher

Saturn, ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius, wrested power from his father Uranus by castrating the ruling father sky-god and casting his genitals into the sea. Saturn symbolizes ambition, responsibility, stability, duty, discipline, boundaries, rules, and regulations. It also represents crystallization, aging, death, fears, restrictions, hard things, the reality principle, and lessons that we must learn. Astrological aspects involving Saturn show how we build structure in our lives and how we deal with the inevitable limitations and losses that life brings. People signified by Saturn include parents, teachers, taskmasters, older individuals, government officials, bosses, and those of a serious disposition. In health matters, Saturn symbolizes blockages, hardening, obstructions, and acid formation; also, the skin, teeth, bones, joints, spleen, gall bladder, knees, the vagus nerve, and the sense of hearing.

The Return placement and aspects of Saturn may involve us either personally through health matters and life circumstances governed by Saturn, or indirectly through people symbolized by Saturn. Look to Saturn to see where your major struggles will occur in the year ahead. We will next consider the Return zodiacal sign and House placements of Saturn.


Return Saturn in the Return 2nd House

With Return Saturn occupying the Return 2nd House, you need to be serious and responsible about money, income, values, and possessions. This could be a year of hard work and limited finances. By the sweat of your brow you will earn your bread. If money is in ample supply, you may need to put in more effort to maintain the status quo. Be careful not to let fears about poverty or material insecurity lead to overwork at the expense of loving relationships. Do not make money a measure of self-worth. Events may occur to help you to confront feelings of insecurity and to take stock of what you truly value in life.


Aspects of Saturn in the Solar Return Chart


Return Saturn trine Return Moon (Strength: 2.44)

This interpretation appeared previously in section: Aspects involving the Moon in the Solar Return Chart.


Return Saturn trine Natal Moon (Strength: 6.93 )

You are capable of great self-control. Your sense of duty and consciousness are heightened. This can be a time of great emotional maturity in which you lay solid foundations for future development. This aspect has a stabilizing influence on your domestic life and on your close personal relationships.


Return Saturn square Natal Mars (Strength: 4.22 )

This is a difficult aspect. Saturn blocks the natural enthusiasm and energy of Mars. You may feel frustrated in your pursuit of personal goals and initiatives. It becomes a struggle to assert yourself in the world. Others are likely to resist your wishes. Quarrels, separations, and ill health may accompany this influence.


Return Saturn trine Natal Mercury (Strength: 3.61 )

Your thinking is organized, methodical, and practical. Your industriousness and concentration produce positive results. You are able to get to the gist of any argument. This year you will gain valuable experience and will advance in life. New learning and tasks requiring depth of thought are favored. You may travel to expand your knowledge or to further your business concerns.


Return Saturn trine Natal Jupiter (Strength: 3.06 )

Return Saturn trine Natal Jupiter is an auspicious aspect that often brings recognition, professional success, and financial gain. Your hard work of the past now pays off. Some type of award or honor may accompany this configuration. Good things come into your life following a period of difficulty, isolation, restriction, or hardship.


Uranus: Novelty, Originality, Jolts, Disruptions


General Significance of Uranus - The Awakener

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, was the original sky-god who was castrated by his son Saturn in a coup to usurp his power. Venus-Aphrodite was born of the white foam that spread around Uranus' discarded genitals in the sea. Uranus symbolizes sudden shocking events, electrifying change, willful independence, separations, originality, inventiveness, modern technology, and progressive thinking. The action of Uranus is abruptly and without warning to shatter the old structure built by Saturn.

Astrological aspects involving Uranus show how and where sudden change, excitement, and disruption come into our lives; also, where we are likely to rebel against the past and strike out to do our own thing. People signified by Uranus include scientists, modernists, astrologers, reformers, inventors, eccentrics, and those who insist on marching to the unique beat of their own drum. In health matters, Uranus symbolizes strokes and accidents; also, the ankles and calves.

The Return placement and aspects of Uranus may involve us either personally through health matters and life circumstances governed by Uranus, or indirectly through people symbolized by Uranus. Look to Uranus to see where you can expect the unexpected in the coming year. We will next consider the Return zodiacal sign and House placements of Uranus.


Return Uranus in the Return 7th House

Uranus in the Return 7th House suggests sudden happenings that disrupt the status quo with regard to marriage, partnerships, close relationships, and your popularity with the public. Freedom and independence become an issue in your close ties with others. Marriage and business partnerships may become strained, raising the possibility of a separation or breakup. If you are unattached, a whirlwind romance and wedding is not out of the question. Unanticipated problems can arise in contractual agreements. Surprising opportunities for connecting with the public may come your way.


Aspects of Uranus in the Solar Return Chart


Return Uranus conjunct Return Jupiter (Strength: 5.38)

This interpretation appeared previously in section: Aspects of Jupiter in the Solar Return Chart.


Return Uranus sextile Return Sun (Strength: 4.30) - Aspect perfects on 10/3/2011.

This interpretation appeared previously in section: The Sun's Aspects in the Solar Return Chart.


Return Uranus sextile Natal Venus (Strength: 1.38 )

This aspect lends excitement and novelty to your love life. It enlivens existing relationships and brings new and interesting people into your life. There is a possibility of love at first sight.


Neptune: Spirituality, Creativity, Self-Deception, Confusion


General Significance of Neptune

Neptune, ruler of Pisces, was the god of the oceans. Neptune symbolizes boundlessness, intuition, psychic sensitivity, compassion, spirituality, sleep, unreality, creative imagination, artistic inspiration, fantasy, illusion, Hollywood, subconscious processes, fog, confusion, self-sacrifice, and self-defeating attitudes. Astrological aspects involving Neptune show how we attune to the feelings of others, use our imaginations, distort our perceptions, undo our own efforts, and also how we deal with the dissolution of old structures in our lives. People signified by Neptune include poets, artists, dreamers, musicians, mystics, spiritualists, idealists, sensitives, and those who compassionately tend to the needy. In health matters, Neptune symbolizes the feet, sleep difficulties, intoxicants, mental disorders, and problems with drugs and alcohol.

The Return placement and aspects of Neptune may involve us either personally through health matters and life circumstances governed by Neptune, or indirectly through people symbolized by Neptune. We will next consider the Return zodiacal sign and House placements of Neptune.


Return Neptune in the Return 6th House

Neptune in the Return 6th House raises the possibility of dissolution, loss, letting go, sadness, misunderstanding, deception, or confusion with regard to health, work, co-workers, or a pet. A longstanding situation, relationship, or preoccupation related to such matters may dissolve or fade from your life. You are able to be of service by finding a practical use for your intuition and sensitivity. People who work for you may not be entirely honest in accounting for services they render. Neptune here can sometimes indicate a hidden illness, so a medical checkup is in order. 


Aspects of Neptune in the Solar Return Chart


Return Neptune trine Return Moon (Strength: 1.43) - Aspect perfects on 6/15/2011.

This interpretation appeared previously in section: Aspects involving the Moon in the Solar Return Chart.


Return Neptune oppose Natal Midheaven (Strength: 5.82 )

Return Neptune opposing natal Midheaven puts pressure on you in the career arena. It may be difficult to see your way clearly to accomplishing your goals and ambitions. Confusing developments could arise on the domestic scene. This could involve dealing with ill or aging parents in the twilight of their years. Now is a good time to let go of what no longer works in your life as you step back and put things in perspective.


Return Neptune oppose Natal Uranus (Strength: 3.48 )

This aspect has a strong psychological impact. Your experiences this year will open your mind to new ways of viewing reality. You can be highly creative and you may become interested in occult or metaphysical subjects. Old illusions are shattered, and secrets are often revealed. Be careful with drugs and medications, as you could suffer untoward reactions. Loss, confusion, mood swings, or emotional instability may accompany this aspect.


Pluto: Power, Control, Intense Emotional Experience, Elimination, Radical Transformation


General Significance of Pluto

Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, was the Greek Hades, lord of the underworld. He abducted and raped Persephone - an action that ultimately brought about the season of winter on earth. Pluto symbolizes power, control, domination, the management of joint resources, penetration, unconscious processes, irresistible forces; also, uprooting, elimination, death, regeneration, rebirth, radical transformation, and the ending of a phase of life. Astrological aspects involving Pluto reveal which deeply buried factors in our lives need to be brought to the surface so that they can be reviewed, reworked, transformed, or eliminated. People signified by Pluto include miners, psychoanalysts, occultists, undertakers, money managers, and anyone whose work involves exposing that which is concealed or hidden. In health matters, Pluto symbolizes the gallbladder, the sex organs, the organs of elimination, and the body's ability to restore itself.

The Return placement and aspects of Pluto may involve us either personally through health matters and life circumstances governed by Pluto, or indirectly through people symbolized by Pluto. We will next consider the Return zodiacal sign and House placements of Pluto.


Return Pluto in the Return 4th House

Pluto, the planet of radical change and transformation, occupies your Return 4th House of home, family, parents, elders, tradition, early life, domestic concerns, personal foundations, and final endings. You could find yourself remodeling your home, changing residence, getting married or divorced, moving at a distance, or dealing with parental issues. If you own a home, you should check for problems with the foundation, the plumbing, or the heating system. This is a good year to clear out all the accumulated junk from the attic or basement. A major change or ending may occur within the family structure or among close associates. Now is a time to look within as you reflect on how past experiences and early conditioning have influenced your personal development.


Aspects of Pluto in the Solar Return Chart Return


Return Pluto conjunct Return Mercury (Strength: 5.70)

This interpretation appeared previously in section: Aspects of Mercury in the Solar Return Chart.


Return Pluto conjunct Return Moon's North Node (Strength: 2.55)

Pluto conjunct the Return Moon's North Node is a favorable aspect that often heralds a life-transforming event. This year you may make contacts with people who have a significant impact on your development. Doors open that lead to future growth. Large gains may come through contacts with others. You are now able to reconcile differences with significant others and to let go of restricting attitudes or conditions that have impeded your growth in the past. It is not uncommon to assume a position of leadership, power, or influence at this time. Some become involved in big business or take on the management of large sums of money.


Return Pluto trine Natal Pluto (Strength: 2.09 )

Intense emotional experiences lead to tremendous personal growth. You are not satisfied with superficial explanations and prefer to understand matters in great depth. Now is a time to reform basic aspects of your personality that need to change and grow. Discard what is useless and have the courage to evolve.


Connections between Planets and House Cusps


Alignments of Planets with House Cusps

The House cusps are power points in the chart, and any planet that aligns closely with a House cusp will be especially prominent in the year ahead. Planet to House cusp alignments often portend specific events whose nature combines the symbolism of the planet and the House involved.

The three sections that follow will look at the contacts, if any, (1) between Return planets and Return House cusps; (2) between Return planets and Natal House cusps; and finally, (3) between Natal planets and Return House cusps.

When comparing the Solar Return and the natal charts, any close alignment between a planet and a House cusp is highly significant. In fact, the conjunctions of planets with House cusps in the superimposed natal and return charts usually pinpoint the major factors that will be operative during the year. Pay close attention to the following three sections because they highlight the specific events that you will need to deal with in the coming Solar Return period.


Return Planets connected with SR House Cusps


Solar Return Planets Connected with Solar Return House Cusps

This section considers the influence of any planet or point in the Solar Return chart that forms a close connection with a House cusp in the Solar Return chart.


Return Venus conjunct Return 4th House (Strength: 4.85 )

Return Venus on the 4th House cusp benefits family, home, real estate, and domestic matters. You could find your dream home or redecorate your current residence. Benefits may come through the purchase or sale of real estate. Your relationships with parents and other family members tend to be harmonious. Because the 4th is the House of endings, this placement can indicate a legacy, an inheritance, or gain through the conclusion of a longstanding matter. This is a good time to begin planning for circumstances toward the end of your own life. You may wish to make or revise a will, set up trusts for your children, plan for retirement, and decide how you wish to bequeath your estate to your heirs.

A prominent Venus generally emphasizes peace, harmony, friendship, love, marriage, cooperation, teamwork, the balancing of relationships, negotiations, artistic endeavors, values, and finance. Venus increases your popularity and can bring favor with the public. Opportunities for profit and increased income may arise. Venus is a natural signifier of female friends, relatives and associates, whose activities and circumstances may play a major role in your life. The aspects formed by Venus will give further details about what to expect in the coming year.


Return Saturn conjunct Return 2nd House (Strength: 3.42 )

Saturn, the Great Teacher, reveals lessons to be learned during the coming year. Conjoining the cusp of the Return 2nd House, Saturn suggests a need to take more responsibility in matters related to values, money, finances, and resources. Be sure to research any major purchases carefully. A financial loss or excessive expense often accompanies this placement, so be sure to have some extra money in the bank. It is generally advisable to avoid speculative investments at this time. Some of Saturn's lessons might be painful, but in the end what remains will be worth the effort and you will get what you deserve.


Return Positions connected with Natal House Cusps


Solar Return Planets or Points Connected with Natal House Cusps This section considers the influence of any planet or point in the Solar Return chart that forms a close connection with a House cusp in the Natal chart.


Return Neptune conjunct Natal 4th House Cusp (Strength: 6.82 )

Return Neptune conjunct the Natal 4th House cusp exerts a spiritual or otherworldly influence on your domestic circumstances and family life. Some aspect of the basic structure of your life may go into a state of dissolution. You may retreat to your home for reflection, prayer, and mediation. Time may be spent visiting family members who are ill, hospitalized, or confined. Your own health may be adversely affected. You are likely to undergo psychological changes that allow you to feel more a member of the human family. When this configuration occurs toward the end of life, it signals a time to sum up and assess how well you have fulfilled your spiritual mission on earth.


Return Midheaven conjunct Natal 8th House Cusp (Strength: 6.46 )

The Return Midheaven falling on your Natal 8th House cusp emphasizes jointly held money and property, money owed, inheritance, goods of the dead, secrets, and hidden matters. It will be important this year to review your finances, settle old debts, and plan for future financial security. Financial assistance may be forthcoming from parents or a parental figure. Because the 8th is the House of death, this configuration sometimes marks the passing of an important figure in your life. It can also indicate a need for surgery or other potent healing methods.


Return Venus conjunct Natal 2nd House Cusp (Strength: 5.39 )

Return Venus conjunct the Natal 2nd House cusp favorably influences your income and finances. You may purchase or acquire valuable possessions under this influence. You may wish to surround yourself with objects of grace and beauty. Your personal popularity makes others feel generous toward you.


Return Saturn conjunct Natal 12th House Cusp (Strength: 4.85 )

Return Saturn on the cusp of the Natal 12th House heralds a year in which spiritual growth comes after a period of isolation, depression, self-sacrifice, and tribulation. Psychological understanding can be gleaned from reflection of past experience and the inner workings of your own mind. You have tremendous discipline to engage in solitary pursuits such as research or quiet contemplation. A sorrowful event such as an illness, a loss, or a betrayal often correlates with the placement.


Return Uranus conjunct Natal 5th House (Strength: 2.70 )

Return Uranus conjunct the Natal 5th House cusp sharpens your creative instincts and allows you to express your originality and inventiveness in joyful ways. You may take up a new and exciting hobby. You may be drawn to athletic pastimes that have an element of risk. Romantic attachments may suddenly enter or abruptly leave your life. Children may demand more freedom and independence, sometimes in rebellious ways. There could be an unwanted pregnancy or an upheaval in speculative investments.


Return Jupiter conjunct Natal 5th House Cusp (Strength: 1.08 )

Return Jupiter conjunct the Natal 5th House cusp brings growth, expansion, and a sense of ease to your creative projects, love life, speculative investments, and dealings with children. Sex is abundant and wonderful. Financial gain may come through hobbies, gambling, or recreational interests. A win at lotto is possible. Your creativity is enhanced.


Natal Positions connected with Return House Cusps


Natal Planets or Points Connected with Solar Return House Cusps

This section considers the influence of any planet or point in the Natal chart that forms a close connection with a House cusp in the Solar Return chart.


Natal Mercury conjunct Return 6th House (Strength: 6.73 )

You are clever and adaptable at work and may find yourself doing many jobs simultaneously. Your communication skills become an asset in the workplace. Sometimes this aspect indicates excessive worry and potential health difficulties related to the tongue, the respiratory system, the upper extremities, the nervous system, or the intestines. Avoid people who are sneezing and coughing so you don't catch pneumonia or the flu.


Natal Jupiter conjunct Return 6th House (Strength: 6.72 )

Natal Jupiter on the Return 6th House cusp suggests expansion in the workplace. You may find yourself busier on the job, handling more duties and responsibilities. With Jupiter here, your efforts at work generally meet with success. You may have occasion to offer healing to others, or someone with a healing presence may enter your own life. Sometimes this aspect indicates health difficulties related to the liver, hips, or thighs, to dietary excess, or to the manner of growth of cells in the body.


Natal Ascendant conjunct Return 3rd House (Strength: 5.72 )

A time to communicate and stay in touch The Natal Ascendant conjunct the Return third House cusp accentuates matters related to communication, learning, short trips, siblings, relatives, and neighbors. You will find yourself talking a lot on the phone, sending and receiving messages, and doing a lot of mental work. Some people decide to engage in literary pursuits such as writing or editing in such a year.


Natal Mars conjunct Return 5th House (Strength: 4.17 )

Energy to enjoy yourself Natal Mars on the Return 5th House cusp adds spice to your love life. You are full of creative energy and feel a need to express yourself. Sports, recreation, fun, and sex become a more important part of your life. Beware of acting too much on impulse and without forethought. Conflicts with children are also possible.


Natal Moon's North Node conjunct Return 12th House (Strength: 2.31 )

Time to explore inner space With the Natal Lunar Nodes falling across the 12th and 6th House cusps of the Solar Return chart, personal growth comes through introspection and spiritual practice. Pay attention to your intuition and your empathy for others. Individuals you meet this year may open doors for the expression of your creative imagination. Be sure to take care of your health and visit the doctor if a symptom arises. Examine your own foibles and work on reforming the ways in which you undermine your own best interests. Avoid any deceptive or underhanded behavior. Difficulties could surface in your relationships with co-workers, subordinates, employees, or tenants. A pet may be a source of worry or concern.




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