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Stepping Stone Astrology: Transits



The Personal Transit Report

Planetary transits are the primary tool of astrological forecasting. As the multidimensional Forces revolve around your world (horoscope) in either Direct (dynamic) or Retrograde (static) motion, they activate the twelve arenas of life (houses) and depending upon "soft" (0°, 60°, 120°) or "hard" (90°, 150°, 180°) transits to your natal planets, facilitate or hamper the basic energy signature of your unique personality.


Seeing the internal structure of current possibilities allows us to flow with the intent of Spirit. During windows of negative influences, we will know it's time to rise above it. Knowledge is power—with The Personal Transit Report, one can clearly see the ways of Heaven (or Hell) and consciously decide whether or not to cooperate.

The Personal Transit Report Sample 

Six Month Forecast         $35.00

 One Year Forecast         $60.00

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