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Stepping Stone Astrology: Career


Vocational Astrology

The new, comprehensive Vocational Astrology Report focuses on your career aptitudes as revealed in the natal chart. The material is drawn from four sources: (1) the astrological literature, (2) Carl Jung's writings on psychological types, (3) scientific research on vocation and the planets (especially the work of French statistician Michel Gauquelin), and (4) Anthony Louis' experience as an astrologer over many years.


The Vocational Astrology Report begins by delineating the Ascendant and cusps of the three career-oriented Houses. In vocational astrology the second, sixth, and tenth houses are the most important. The second house indicates what resources (talents, values, money, and assets) are at our disposal for developing our self-worth and making a living. The sixth house symbolizes the work environment, our co-workers, and the type of day-to-day labor involved. The tenth house is the quintessential house of career and shows where we can become successful and achieve recognition in the eyes of the world.


Then all Planets in Signs and Houses, including Decans, are interpreted with a focus on career indicators. Major Aspects are all similarly defined. And finally, this ambitious report outlines the dates of your career rise and fall cycle based on the fourth house cusp sign. See for yourself why this report is considered the finest in its field.

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