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Stepping Stone Astrology: Solar Return


The Solar Return Forecast

According to the astrological theory of Solar Returns, the Natal chart represents a basic blueprint of the individual (similar to the DNA within the nucleus of the cell) and the Return chart reveals the annual renewal or reactivation of the Natal chart as measured against both the ongoing movement of the planets and the newly generated set of House cusps at the time the individual's Natal Sun is "reborn" at the annual (SR) birthday. A key feature of Return chart interpretation involves studying the relationship between the annual Return Houses and the birth chart Houses. Astrologers have proposed many methods for interpreting the Solar Return chart.


This report follows the method of Alexandre Volguine (1903-1976), a French astrologer who, in 1937, first published his 15 years of research on Returns. Until his death in 1976, Volguine continued to update his study of Returns in subsequent editions of his classic text, "La Technique des Revolutions Solaires". This report will review and interpret the major factors identified by Volguine for identifying the themes and events that will dominate your life during the coming year.


This well-organized yearly forecast report by Anthony Louis delineates the placements and aspects for all of the solar return planets and indicates when, during the year following the birthday, aspects will perfect in a standard 40-page report.

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