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"If the Superior Man is not 'heavy,' then he will not inspire awe in others. If he is not learned, then he will not be
on firm ground. He takes loyalty and good faith to be of primary importance, and has no friends who
are not of equal (moral) caliber. When he makes a mistake, he doesn't hesitate to correct it."

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Analects, The
Product no.: 0-14-044348-7
A collection of Confucius' (K'ung fu tzu's) sayings compiled by his pupils shortly after his death in 497 BC. A veritable feast of wisdom, philosophy and social morality.

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Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth, The
Product no.: 0-937064-29-7
This masterful translation by Hua-Ching Ni is popular throughout the world. The book is actually three volumes in one.

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Book of Five Rings, A
Product no.: 0-87951-153-2
Written over three centuries ago by a Samurai warrior, the book has been hailed as a limitless source of psychological insight for businessmen.

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Book of Five Rings, The (w/The Book of Family Traditions on the Art of War)
Product no.: 1-59030-248-6
The Book of Five Rings is one of the most insightful texts on the subtle arts of confrontation and victory to emerge from Asian culture.

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Buddhist I Ching, The
Product no.: 0-87773-408-9
Chih-hsu Ou-i uses the concepts of T'ien T'ai Buddhism to elucidate the I Ching—concentration and insight, calmness and wisdom, and various levels of realization.

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Complete I Ching, The
Product no.: 0-89281-145-5
Master Alfred Huang has restored the true essence of the I Ching by emphasizing the unity of Heaven and humanity and the Tao of Change.

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Confucius: Confucian Analects, The Great Learning & The Doctrine of the Mean
Product no.: 0-486-22746-4
Entire Chinese text of the Analects (or sayings) of Confucius in large, readable characters, and beneath this Legge's full translation.

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Essential Confucius, The
Product no.: 0-06-250215-8
Thomas Cleary's brilliant translation of the sayings of Confucius presented in the order of the 64 classic I Ching hexagrams.

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I Ching Wisdom
Product no.: 0-943015-03-0
Wu Wei has extracted the I Ching's deepest wisdom in the form of simple yet profound "sayings" that the greatest Chinese sages have preserved for thousands of years.

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I Ching Workbook, The (O)
Product no.: 0-385-12838-X
This workbook will guide you through the laboratory of the universe.

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