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"Yes; the game of cards called the Tarot, which the Gypsies possess, is the Bible of Bibles. 
It is the book of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, the book of Adam, the book of the primitive Revelation
of ancient civilizations. Thus whilst the Freemason, an intelligent and virtuous man, has lost the tradition; 
whilst the priest, also intelligent and virtuous, has lost his esoterism; the Gypsy, although both ignorant
and vicious, has given us the key which enables us to explain all the symbolism of the ages."   


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Ancient Egyptian Tarot, The (Book & Deck Set)
Product no.: 0-85030-968-9
Clive Barrett has painstakingly pieced together Egyptian life and mythology, basing his designs on archaeological knowledge and historical fact.

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Book of Tarot, The
Product no.: 0-87100-172-1
Companion to the Morgan Greer Deck and Cards.

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Book of Thoth, The
Product no.: 0-913866-12-1
Unites under the schema of the Holy Kabbalah, of which the Tarot is the greatest single element, all philosophical and magical systems, including that of the Chinese.

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Book of Tokens, The: Tarot Meditations
Product no.: 0-938002-00-7
This beautiful and inspired volume of poetic meditations contains some of the most profound material ever written on the subject of the Tarot and Qabalah.

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Celtic Tarot, The (Book & Deck Set)
Product no.: 0-85030-920-4
Combines the unsurpassed beauty and elegance of Courtney Davis's world-famous designs and the ancient magic and symbol of Celtic myth and legend.

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Classic Tarot Spreads
Product no.: 0-914918-64-8
Illustrated with the beautiful Oswald Wirth deck, the book provides clear and essential meanings for all 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana.

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Complete Book of Tarot Reversals, The
Product no.: 1-56718-285-2
What do you do with the "other half" of the Tarot deck: the reversed cards? Struggle in the dark no more.

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Complete Illustrated Guide to Tarot, The (O)
Product no.: 1-86204-212-8
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Tarot is lavishly illustrated in full-color throughout and provides an extensive introduction to the tarot.

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Complete Merlin Tarot, The
Product no.: 1-85538-091-9
For all users of the Merlin Tarot, this comprehensive volume will be an invaluable reference, providing complete details of all the cards.

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Cosmic Tribe Tarot, The (Book & 80-Cards Set)
Product no.: 0-89281-700-3
The Cosmic Tribe Tarot has a decidedly lusty lean to it. Includes three variations on The Lovers, so that the querant may select the depiction of his/her own personal preference.

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Number: 82 Page 1 of 9