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The Matriarchy and Woman's Spirituality

The Matriarchy and Woman's Spirituality


"I call it matristic, not matriarchal, because matriarchal always arouses ideas of dominance and is
compared with the patriarchy. But it was a balanced society, it was not that women were
really so powerful that they usurped everything that was masculine."

~Marija Gimbutas

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13 Original Clan Mothers, The
Product no.: 0-06-250756-7
The 13 Original Clan Mothers shares the stories, totems, and talents which come with each cycle of the moon.

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Adam, Eve and the Serpent
Product no.: 0-679-72232-7
Augustine derived from the story that sexual desire is sinful, that infants are infected from the moment of conception with the disease of original sin, and that Adam's sin corrupted the whole of nature itself.

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Addiction to Perfection
Product no.: 0-919123-11-2
Through case studies, dreams and myths, a Jungian analyst explores the hidden causes of compulsion in the lives of men and women.

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Product no.: 0-06-250192-5
When Castaneda discovers his energenic makeup is incompatible to lead Pablito, Nestor, La Gorda and the others, he meets new cohorts who are similarly disposed.

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Beyond Codependency
Product no.: 0-06-255418-2
You're learning to let go, to live your life free of the grip of someone else's problems.

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Product no.: 1-57174-032-5
This book of stories based on real events in Mary Summer Rain's life, like Soul Sounds, the nonfiction book compiled from her journals, tells something of the reality of Mary's life.

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Bodhisattva of Compassion
Product no.: 0-87773-126-8
John Blofeld evokes the charming presence of Kuan Yin through colorful anecdotes, personal experiences, and descriptions of Buddhist rituals and legends.

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Buffalo Woman Comes Singing
Product no.: 0-345-36143-1
Explores fascinating uses of traditions like the Medicine Wheel; healing through ritual action; dreamtime; and the moon lodge - the woman's place of retreat and visioning.

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Chalice and the Blade, The
Product no.: 0-06-250289-1
Some books are like revelations, they open the spirit to unimaginable possibilities.

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Circle is Sacred, The
Product no.: 0-933031-97-1
Through stories, ceremonies, rituals, and meditations, The Circle is Sacred clearly marks for readers the road to a fulfilling life.

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Number: 134 Page 1 of 14