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"All people in Japan, China, and throughout the entire world, regardless of whether they are wise
or foolish, should chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo with conviction."       ~Nichiren Shonin
Buddhist I Ching, The
Product no.: 0-87773-408-9
Chih-hsu Ou-i uses the concepts of T'ien T'ai Buddhism to elucidate the I Ching—concentration and insight, calmness and wisdom, and various levels of realization.

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Drama of Cosmic Enlightenment, The
Product no.: 0-904766-59-4
In the White Lotus Sutra, bursting with symbols, imagery and myths, we meet the Buddha as a story-teller.

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Flower Ornament Scripture, The (Avatamsaka Sutra)
Product no.: 0-87773-940-4
Known in Chinese as Hua-yen and in Japanese as Kegon-kyo, the Avatamsaka Sutra is held in the highest regard and studied by Buddhists of all traditions.

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Lotus Sutra, The
Product no.: 0-231-08161-8
Since its appearance in China in the third century, The Lotus Sutra has been regarded as one of the most illustrious scriptures in the Mahayana Buddhist canon.

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Manifestation of the Tathagata
Product no.: 0-86171-054-1
A translation of the Manifestation of the Tathagata chapter of the Avatamsaka Sutra, one of the principal sections of a most profound and comprehensive Buddhist scripture.

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Secrets of Chinese Meditation, The
Product no.: 0-87728-066-5
This concise volume is a presentation of different methods of meditation as practiced in China, including extracts from ancient and modern classics as well as detailed suggestions for meditation.

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Stopping and Seeing
Product no.: 1-57062-275-2
"Stopping and seeing" are sometimes referred to as the yin and yang of Buddhist meditation - complementary twin halves of a unified whole.

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Threefold Lotus Sutra, The
Product no.: 4-333-00208-7
Three great Mahayana Buddhist texts: the Lotus Sutra, and its two companion sutras, the Sutra of Innumerable Meanings and the Sutra of Meditation on the Bodhisattva Universal Virtue.

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