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HarperCollins Study Bible, The

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The HarperCollins Study Bible has become the standard general reference for understanding the full meaning of this sacred book.

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This classic study Bible has now been completely revised and updated under the aegis of the Society of Biblical Literature—the preeminent academic association of the world’s best biblical scholars.

Key features of this in-depth reference Bible include:
  • Newly commissioned introductory essays on the archaeology and religion of ancient Israel and the New Testament world, the social and historical context of the biblical books, and biblical interpretation 
  • Essays by leading experts in the field on how the Bible was formed, based on the latest scholarship 
  • Completely new introductions and notes for select biblical books, plus a full revision and updating of all others—over 25 percent new or revised material 
  • Twice as many notes as the leading study Bible Concordance for finding key verses 
  • Extensive maps, tables, and chart

"No one who searches the Bible for meaning can be without it."    ~Bill Moyers

"HarperCollins emerges as by far the front-runner - the most nearly complete and up-to-date."      ~Christian Century

"This could well become the most widely used study Bible available."    ~Harvey Cox, The Victor S. Thomas Professor of Divinity, The Divinity School, Harvard University

"There are many good study Bibles available. This one is distinctive for several reasons... It gives more space to the notes (60 percent text to 40 percent notes) than most of its competitors do. And, most importantly, it features a very distinguished team of contributors... They include Harold Attridge on Hebrews, Leander Keck on Romans, Sophie Laws on James, Jacob Milgromon on Leviticus, Patrick Miller on Psalms, Michael Stone on 2 Esdras and David Winston on Wisdom. If you want to buy a new Bible or to give one as a gift, this study Bible would be an excellent choice."     ~Daniel Harrington, America

"I can speak with unbounded praise for this work. The auspices are impeccable, the sponsorship is by one of the most prestigious and effective publishing firms in the field of religious publishing, and the scholarship under the aegis of the Society of Biblical Literature, which is the only game in town, the NBA of Bible study in this country (and abroad)."      ~David Noel Freedman, Endowed Chair in Hebrew Biblical Studies, University of California


General editor Wayne Meeks, PH.D., is Woolsey Professor of Biblical Studies at Yale University and the author of many books. The Society of Biblical Literature is a 5,500 member international group of experts on the Bible and related fields.

Editor Meeks, Wayne
Coeditor Society of Biblical Literature
Book Type Hardcover
Page Count 2355 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins 1993
Gold Medal

Gold Medal


  Gold Medal Essential Reading

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