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Kingdom Within, The (Revised Edition)

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The Kingdom Within explores the significance of Jesus' teachings for our interior life - that inner reality that Jesus called "the kingdom of God".

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It is Sanford's conviction that contemporary Christianity has overlooked this inner dimension of Jesus' teachings and so has lost touch with the human soul.

Illustrated with case histories and dream material drawn from the author's work as a psychotherapist, The Kingdom Within examines such characteristics as extroversion and introversion, masculinity and femininity, thinking and feeling, and sensation and intuition to show how Jesus met the criteria of wholeness or fullness of personhood.

Step by step, Sanford helps us to shed the outer mask, to eschew sin, which "means living in enslavement to what we don't know about ourselves", and to follow the road of consciousness, which leads to "a great treasure waiting only to be discovered".


"John A. Sanford, in his little book entitled The Kingdom Within (1970), argues that the Gospels testify that Jesus seemed to have been comfortable and proficient in exercising all four functions of the human psyche. In the Gospels, Jesus emerges as the template for the fully realised, or in Jung's terms 'fully individuated' human being. Jesus had no shadow; which is probably a Jungian way of saying that Jesus was fully human and fully divine."           ~Ian Elmer


"Jesus of Nazareth was the first individual person, the first sufficiently conscious that he was not divided against himself, not contained in a collective psychology... He is the prototype both of the developed ego and of the Total Person."

Author Sanford, John A.
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 188 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins 1987
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