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Blue Fire, A

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A vitally important introduction to the theories of one of the most original thinkers in psychology today.

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A Blue Fire gathers selected passages from many of Hillman's seminal essays on archetypal psychology.


"For Jungian psychoanalyst Hillman, who has won a following with such books as Re-Visioning Psychology, the psyche is a polytheistic battleground, words are carriers of soul between people and dream images are 'necessary angels' demanding a response."          ~Publisher's Weekly

"Instead of milking the sacred cows of classical psychology or adding to the dusty stacks of dead theory which languish on library shelves, Hillman is more apt to lob a stick of TNT into any psychological theory, including his own."        ~Bloomsbury Review

"Narcissus was saved when he saw the beauty of his own face reflected in a pool of water. We are saved from our narcissistic distancing from the world when we see our own beauty in the display of everyday life and in the daily arts of the soul. We find our own face, the unique visage of our soul, in the world's display of itself."

Editor Moore, Thomas
Author Hillman, James
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 336 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins 1991
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