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Wisdom's Daughters

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A unique book of interviews with women Elders of several Native American nations, by the coauthor and photographer of the best-selling Wisdomkeepers.

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Steve Wall traveled across North America, visiting the Mohawk and the Hoh, the Chumash and the Seminole, the Tewa and the Ojibway, the Oneida and the Seneca, the Cowichan and the Northern Cheyenne. He talked at length with the women elders and their families as well as with the members of their nations. And he photographed them as he did for his previous book, Wisdomkeepers. Completely open and direct, the elders talk about their role as owners of the moon, as carriers of life and protectors of the life force, about the sacredness of menstruation, and about children, medicine, men, sex, and ceremony.

"Wall, who with Harvey Arden coauthored Wisdomkeepers, continues to explore Native American spirituality, this time focusing on women. First-person testimonies by 13 female spiritual leaders from various nations combine with photographs under Wall's breathless endorsement: 'I realized I was at the deepest level of human discourse,' he declares.

Some interviewees are well-spoken and discuss specific aspects of ceremonial life. Others, however, make platitudinous or even glib remarks: 'The reason AIDS is here is to show us how to love,' a woman utters in one of many statements emphasized in outsized type. While these female elders are identified by nation and by locale, Wall provides so little biographical information and historical context that his subjects mainly seem to serve as New Age totems, expressing love for the land, decrying white influence and - in another large-type profundity - announcing that 'we are not to judge'."       ~Publishers Weekly

Editor Wall, Steve
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 320 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins 1994
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