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Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe, A

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The universe may be a mystery, but it's no secret!

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Mathematics education generally teach that numbers are quantities to count and calculate with. But it's quite a discovery to realize that they also represent qualities which we all innately understand - wholeness, polarity, structure, balance, growth and more. These qualities are archetypal principles expressed in nature's forms and proportions of flowers, crystals, creatures, weather, astronomy and the designs of everyday technology surrounding us. This book provides a foundation into this knowledge of number principles written simply and plainly.

It's completely illustrated - plus hundreds of wonderful quotations in the margins - to give you a language-lesson in reading the geometric language of the Book of Nature and the number and shape symbolism appearing in mythology, traditional architecture, religious literature, art, folklore, fairy tales and wherever we find number. If you can understand a shape in nature, you'll know what nature is doing there.


"Each chapter explores one of the first ten numbers and starts off by showing the reader how to evoke its geometrical harmonies. For example, in chapter five we are shown how to draw a five-pointed star and a pentagon without measuring by using only a compass and a straight-edge. From there the author illustrates how this cosmic design-type underlies the forms of nature and the growth patterns of plants. He shows how the same ratios underlie the patterns of the human skeletal system and the unfolding growth of embryos. We discover how pentagonal symmetries were used to design masterpieces of Egyptian art.

And all of this is accomplished with no mathematical formulas or daunting technicalities! Rather than leading us into the realm of abstraction, the carefully chosen illustrations help the reader to intuitively resonate with nature's underlying harmonies... an indispensable book for everyone interested in the universal patterns which connect art, science, and nature - the dynamic patterns which bind us all to the living soul of the world."    ~Parabola Magazine


"In this book you will find something that cannot be obtained elsewhere, a complete introduction to the geometric code of nature, written and illustrated by the most perceptive of its modern investigators."       ~Preface by John Michell

Author Schneider, Michael
Book Type Oversized Paperback
Page Count 351 pp.
Publisher HarperPerennial 1995
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