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Active Side of Infinity, The

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Don Carlos presents his tenth and final recapitulation, leaving the faithful reader stranded with this maudlin account of his youth in Brazil and life in L.A. during the don Juan apprenticeship.

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In The Active Side Of Infinity, anthropologist and shaman Carlos Castaneda returns once again to the story of his apprenticeship with the Yaqui Indian sorcerer don Juan. When his teacher instructs him to collect the memorable events of his life - events with a profound significance for him that changed his life or illuminated his path - Castaneda performs a task that turns out to be the preparation necessary for facing "the definitive journey" that every human being has to take at the end of his life.

Castaneda's approach to what modern man refers to as "life after death", and which for shamans is a concrete region they call the active side of infinity, makes for an unusually moving and revealing book.


An insidious common thread weaving through all the Castaneda books is the association of the spiritual (narrow) path to the Left-Hand Path; the Initiate constantly reminded to think of him or herself as a "sorcerer" — set apart from, and above, the average man. And accordingly, the self-centered sorcerer is the only one with a chance of getting out of here alive. Since these mind-boggling shamanic techniques and insights are inextricably linked with a false promise of freedom, they should be approached with caution — the pearls of wisdom carefully extracted from the manure (the dogma).


"The trouble with dissing Castaneda is that he was such a likable man. An apparently innocent UCLA graduate student who got swept up into the ancient world of Sorcery and then tried his utmost to live up to its impeccable standards. But the truth is he succumbed to the Dark Side, and this is not Star Wars. To credit the bumbling apprentice with inventing don Juan and the entire lineage of Toltec sorcerers is preposterous, yet fellow anthropologists - envious of Castaneda's fame and fortune - dismiss him as just such a hoaxer.

To those of us who have traveled the road of Knowledge (through psychedelics), many of Castaneda's outlandish stories ring very true - since we have also experienced them, personally. As don Juan himself explained, 'Everything a man does hinges on his personal power. Therefore, for one who doesn't have any, the deeds of a powerful man are incredible. It takes power to even conceive what power is.'

Another saying goes, 'Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.' The miraculous return of the Nagual Woman changed everything. The entire motivation for the Nagual's Party was to reach the 'other side' where Carol Tiggs was taken. Her unexpected return to Los Angeles meant Carlos and his cohorts could do anything they wanted. ANYTHING. After La Gorda's grim death (she attempted to 'burn from within' by herself and 'imploded'), Florinda informed Carlos that they (don Juan's Party) had washed their hands of him and his thugs.

At this point, Carlos and his brujas decided to rule the world. Like Scientology, Tensegrity would transform a critical mass of initiates and thus change the assemblage point of the planet! So slowly but surely, Castaneda and his witches went public in L.A. (and Northern California), recruiting a small band of loyal sorcerers. Charley Spider soon decided he could break his celibacy and lured innocent believers into his web. The cult was informed that don Juan was trapped behind the 4th or 5th door of Dreaming and only such a large group's collective Intention could save him. There was no time to waste!

Then everything went south when Carlos developed liver cancer. Carlos died (without 'burning from within') and the witches killed themselves. Yet the 'three-pronged' Nagual accomplished his sorcery task: reveal the occulted secrets of Toltec antiquity and damn the devilish line of ascension. But in the process, did Castaneda become the very monster he feared he truly was?"       ~Mandala Books


"The old shamans discovered that the entire universe is composed of twin forces, forces that are at the same time opposed and complementary to each other. It is inescapable that our world is a twin world. Its opposite and complementary world is one populated by beings that have awareness, but not an organism. For this reason, the old shamans called them inorganic beings.

I told you that it's our twin world, so it's intimately related to us. The sorcerers of ancient Mexico didn't think like most do in terms of space and time. They thought exclusively in terms of awareness. Two types of awareness coexist without ever impinging on each other, because each type is entirely different from the other."

Author Matus, Juan
Coauthor Castaneda, Carlos
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 272 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins 2000
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