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Science has recently begun to prove what ancient myth and religion have always espoused: There may be such a thing as a life force.

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Frontier scientists all over the globe have produced extraordinary evidence to show that an energy field – the Zero Point Field – connects everything in the universe, and we ourselves are part of this vast dynamic cobweb of energy exchange... the Field is responsible for many of the most profound human mysteries, from alternative medicine and spiritual healing to extra-sensory perception and the collective unconscious.

"McTaggart, an investigative journalist (What Doctors Don't Tell You), describes scientific discoveries that she believes point to a unifying concept of the universe, one that reconciles mind with matter, classic Newtonian science with quantum physics and, most importantly, science with religion.

At issue is the zero point field, the so-called 'dead space' of microscopic vibrations in outer space as well as within and between physical objects on earth. These fields, McTaggart asserts, are a 'cobweb of energy exchange' that link everything in the universe; they control everything from cellular communication to the workings of the mind, and they could be harnessed for unlimited propulsion fuel, levitation, ESP, spiritual healing and more.

Physicists have been aware of the likelihood of this field for years, McTaggart writes, but, constrained by orthodoxy, they have ignored its effects, which she likens to 'subtracting out God' from their equations. But, McTaggart asserts, 'tiny pockets of quiet rebellion' against scientific convention are emerging, led by Ed Mitchell, an Apollo 14 astronaut and founder of the Institute for Noetic Sciences, an alternative-science think tank. McTaggart writes well and tells a good story, but the supporting data here is somewhat sketchy. Until it materializes, McTaggart may have to settle for being a voice in the wilderness."      ~Publishers Weekly

"Walter Schempp's explosive discovery about quantum memory set off the most outrageous idea of all: short- and long-term memory doesn't reside in our brain at all, but instead is stored in the Zero Point Field. After Pribram's discoveries, a number of scientists, including systems theorist Ervin Laszlo, would go on to argue that the brain is simply the retrieval and read-out mechanism of the ultimate storage medium - The Field.

Pribram's associates from Japan would hypothesize that what we think of as memory is simply a coherent emission of signals from the Zero Point Field, and that longer memories are a structured grouping of this wave information. If this were true, it would explain why one tiny association often triggers a riot of sights, sounds and smells. It would also explain why, with long-term memory in particular, recall is instantaneous and doesn't require any scanning mechanism to sift though years and years of memory."

Author McTaggart, Lynne
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 268 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins 2003
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