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Dancing Wu Li Masters, The

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Gary Zukav has written "the Bible" for those who are curious about the mind-expanding discoveries of advanced physics, but who have no scientific background.

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Like a Wu Li Master who would teach us wonder for the falling petal before speaking of gravity, Zukav writes in beautifully clear language - with no mathematical equations - opening our minds to the exciting new theories that are beginning to embrace the ultimate nature of our universe... Quantum mechanics, relativity, and beyond to the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effect and Bell's theorem.

"Wu Li" is the Chinese phrase for physics. It means "patterns of organic energy," but it also means "nonsense," "my way," "I clutch my ideas," and "enlightenment." These captivating ideas frame Zukav's evocative exploration of quantum mechanics and relativity theory. Delightfully easy to read, The Dancing Wu Li Masters illuminates the compelling powers at the core of all we know.


"...suddenly the physics which seemed incomprehensible to us as bystanders is revealed as an extraordinary sparkling realm of continual creation, transformation and annihilation. Amazingly, we find that we are able to dance too."     ~Parabola

"This book is an extremely clear and easily understandable account of the latest developments in physics, which can be read with equal profit by those who have little or no mathematical or technical knowledge, and by those who specialize in the study of physics and in its research... It is to be recommended highly both for those who want to understand the essential significance of modem physics, and for those who are concemed with its implications for the possible transformation of human consciousness."     ~David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order

"Bells theorem has been reformulated in several ways since Bell published the original version in 1964. No matter how it is formulated, it projects the 'irrational' aspects of subatomic phenomena squarely into the macroscopic domain. It says that not only do events in the realm of the very small behave in ways which are utterly different from our commonsense view of the world, but also that events in the world at large, the world of freeways and sports cars, behave in ways which are utterly different from our commonsense view of them. This incredible statement cannot be dismissed as fantasy because it is based upon the awesome and proven accuracy of the quantum theory itself."


Gary Zukav is the author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters, winner of The American Book Award for Science; Soul Stories, a New York Times bestseller; and The Seat of the Soul, a New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, and Publishers Weekly #1 bestseller. His books have sold millions of copies and are published in sixteen languages. He is a graduate of Harvard and a former U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret) officer in Vietnam.

Author Zukav, Gary
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 376 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins Perennial Classics 2001
Gold Medal

Gold Medal


  Gold Medal Essential Reading

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