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Reinventing Eve

Product no.: 0-06-097173-8
An original reinterpretation of Eve and the Garden of Eden that offers women a new sense of feminine power and opportunity.

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An intriguing study of an issue of ascending import: how women can recreate a female psyche that will effectively challenge and transform traditional patriarchal culture.

"Admitting that the image of Eve as creator of sin and death is used against women, she dares to reinvent Eve, to reimagine her as if she had been part of a goddess-centered religion rather than a patriarchal one. This Eve would recognize that she was made in the image of the goddess, that she possessed the Mother God's capacity for power, authority, self-assertion."      ~NY Times

Author Chernin, Kim
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 191 pp.
Publisher Harper & Row 1988
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