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Four-Fold Way, The

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Reveals the four archetypal principles of the Native American medicine wheel and how they can lead us to a higher spirituality and a better world.

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To guide our renewal we can look to cross-cultural research that reveals how shamanic traditions have consistently accessed four archetypal patterns to maintain connections to the mythic structures that support creative expression, health and adaptation to change. These four archetypal ways are The Way of the Warrior, The Way of the Healer, The Way of the Visionary and The Way of the Teacher.

"No matter how much I learn, Arrien's wisdom always holds more before me to practice, integrate and give away to others. She is a shining light in my life, and I know she can become one in yours through this fine, empowering book!"       ~Brooke Medicine Eagle


"The task of the warrior is to show up, to be visible and empower others through example and intention. Through the archetype of the warrior, an old-fashioned term for leader, indigenous societies connect to the process of empowerment and to the human resource of power. Universally there are three kinds of power: power of presence, power to communicate, power of position. Shamanic societies recognize that a person who has all three powers embodies 'big medicine.'

Every human being carries the power of presence. Some individuals carry such presence that we are drawn to and captivated by these charismatic people even before they speak or we know anything about them.

A warrior or leader uses the power of communication to effectively align the content, timing and placement to deliver a message at the right time in the right place for the person involved to hear and receive it.

A warrior demonstrates the power of position by the willingness to take a stand. Many politicians have great presence and great communication, but lose power when they allow constituents to wonder where they stand on specific issues."

Author Arrien, Angeles
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 224 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins 1993
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