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When Castaneda discovers his energenic makeup is incompatible to lead Pablito, Nestor, La Gorda and the others, he meets new cohorts who are similarly disposed.

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While traveling in northern Mexico, Donner-Grau, then a young student at UCLA, happened upon "another world that coexists with ours." Peopled by the followers of a sorcerers' tradition originating with the Indians of pre-Columbian Mexico, this tantalizing world became her spiritual and intellectual passion. By slipping from one identity to another and engineering bizarre and serendipitous encounters, Castaneda and his circle upset all of Donner-Grau's assumptions about time, space, and existence while questioning all her notions of femininity.

"Donner's tale casts a spell; it is a magic theater of holy actors, a dancing world of fierce angels all sweating their prayers. She offers us a brilliant taste of vintage sorcery and feminine wisdom."      ~Gabrielle Roth, Maps to Ecstasy

"A woman's gripping tale of self-discovery in present-day Mexico."      ~Oliver Stone


The hotel was old and run down. The room I was given opened to a dusty courtyard. A double, four-poster bed and a massive, old-fashioned dresser shrunk the room to claustrophobic dimensions. A small bathroom had been added, but a chamber pot was still under the bed; it matched the porcelain washing set on the dresser.

The first night was awful. I slept fitfully, and in my dreams I was conscious of whispers and shadows moving across the walls. Shapes of things and monstrous animals rose from behind the furniture. People materialized from the corners, pale, ghostlike. The next day I drove around the city and its surroundings, and that night, although I was exhausted, I stayed awake.

When I finally fell asleep, into a hideous nightmare, I saw a dark, amoeba-shaped creature stalking me at the foot of the bed. Iridescent tentacles hung from its cavernous crevices. As the creature leaned over me, it breathed, making short, raspy sounds that died out into a wheeze. My screams were smothered by its iridescent ropes tightening around my neck. Then all went black as the creature — which somehow I knew to be female — crushed me by lying on top of me. That timeless moment between sleep and wakefulness was finally broken by the insistent banging on my door and the concerned voices of the hotel guests out in the hall.

I turned on the light and mumbled some apologies and explanations through the door. With the nightmare still sticking to my skin like sweat, I went into the bathroom. I stifled a scream as I looked into the mirror. The red lines across my throat and the evenly spaced red dots running down my chest looked like an unfinished tattoo.

Frantically, I packed my bags. It was three o'clock in the morning when I walked out into the deserted lobby to pay my bill. "Where are you going at this hour?" Delia Flores asked, emerging from the door behind the desk. "I heard about your nightmare. You had the whole hotel worried." I was so glad to see her I put my arms around her and began to sob.

"There, there," she murmured soothingly, stroking my hair. "If you want to, you can come and sleep in my room. I'll watch over you."

"Nothing in this world will make me stay in this hotel," I said.

"I'm returning to Los Angeles this very instant."

"Do you often have nightmares?" she casually asked, leading me toward the creaky old couch in the corner.

Author Donner-Grau, Florinda
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 303 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins 1991
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