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Shaman's Body, The

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From the author of Dreambody comes a pioneering method of using crisis as a dynamic opportunity for accessing our inner world, confronting our fears, and catalyzing self-discovery.

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Drawing on his shamanic experiences in Africa, Japan and India, Mindell leads us on a "death walk" through our worst fears and deepest emotional crises to wake our inner shaman - our dreamingbody.


"Mindell, the author of Dreambody (1982) and an experienced shaman who has encountered African, Native American, Australian aboriginal and Indian Hindu healers firsthand, outlines the process of accessing one's 'dreambody' and developing a shamanic approach to everyday life.

Each chapter wanders freely from modern psychotherapeutic understandings, enriched by Mindell's experiences, to what he learned from traditional cultures; most conclude with exercises to help the reader personally appropriate the teachings. Mindell is especially adept at putting learning from exotic cultures into accessible terms."         ~Library Journal


"The shaman's body (or dreamingbody) is a name for unusual experiences and altered states of consciousness that try to reach your everyday awareness through signals such as body symptoms and movement impulses, dreams, and messages from the environment. The methods I present in this work for gaining access to the dreamingbody come from personal experiences I have had with Native American teachers in the United States and Canada, witch doctors in Kenya, Zen masters from Japan, healers from India, and aboriginal healers from the Northern Territory, Australia.

In every instance, I have studied the effects of these shamanic experiences, developed related methods, which I discuss in this book, and tested those methods over the past twenty-five years in my therapeutic practice, extreme-state and chronic-body-symptom clinics, and international conferences."

Author Mindell, Arnold
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 256 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins 1993
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