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White Hole in Time, The

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Our evolution has moved from changes taking billions of years, to millions of years, to thousands, to tens of years.

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If we do survive these troubled times and enter the next phase of evolution - the evolution of our own consciousness - change is likely to come much faster still. We could find ourselves spiraling towards a moment when the light of inner knowing radiates across the planet. A supernova of consciousness. Creating a white hole in time.

A bold presumption, perhaps. But who is to say it is not possible? It's what the French priest and paleontologist Teilhard de Chardin called the Omega Point. The culmination of human evolution. A moment when we shall harness the energies of love and come to know the essence of Creation.

"Absolutely brilliant. Like Marx and Freud, but with more wisdom than either of them, Russell might set off a revolution in a dozen sciences and in human consciousness as well."      ~Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger

Author Russell, Peter
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 216 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins 1992
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