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Flayed God, The

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A significant scholarly achievement and a superlative popular introduction to an important body of American myth.

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Roberta and Peter Markman take us into a fierce and breathtakingly wondrous world of were-jaguars, obsidian butterflies, feathered serpents, snake women, and living skeletons - the world of the Popol Vuh of the Quiche Maya; Tlaltecuhtli, the Earth Monster; Chichen Itza; and the mysterious fall of the great city of Teotihuacan.

This stunning collection of original tales, legends, and historical accounts explores the rich tapestry of Mesoamerican narrative myths that have survived the Conquest.


"Human sacrifice, symbolic bloodletting, divine kingship and other pre-Columbian Mesoamerican rites and customs can be understood only in the context of the mythological traditions of the Aztec, Maya and Olmec, assert the authors. Their captivating study amplifies key Mesoamerican mythic narratives, hymns and prayers with 100 reproductions (25 in color) of ancient ceramics, stone sculptures, paintings, monuments and masks.

Beginning with simple yet profound female figurines, this panoramic survey moves on to the Great Mother Goddess, hero twins, feathered serpents, were-jaguars and the fourfold development of the gods, the cosmos and humans from the unity of the creative principle."      ~Publishers Weekly

"This monumental work by Roberta and Peter Markman is an overview of the major myth systems that existed among indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica at about the time of the conquest. The authors present modern English translations of texts recorded by Spanish and Native chroniclers and show that a common worldview and system of meanings structures the apparent diversity of the region's cultures. In addition, they show how pre-Hispanic artists and artisans incorporated these fundamental mythic themes in their works, numerous illustrations of which adorn the book."        ~The American Indian Quarterly

Author Markman, Roberta
Coauthor Markman, Peter
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 456 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins 1994
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