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Adventures Beyond the Body

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For all who have thrilled to accounts of out-of-body travel.

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A leading expert on astral projection offers the riveting tale of his travels beyond the body and offers easy-to-follow techniques to guide readers on the journey of a lifetime - and beyond.


"An intriguing guidebook for those who want to venture beyond the horizon of ordinary reality."         ~Raymond Moody, Life After Life


“What you see before you is one of many wonders of the universe. The infinity of fog you see is one of the many inner membranes dividing different frequencies of the universe. What you are witnessing is the inner structure of the universe. The stars and galaxies you see in the distance are but the outer crust of the universe.

The key to true exploration is the movement through the energy membranes. As you move farther inward, toward the source, your internal energy frequency must change accordingly. You can only cross through the energy barriers that are in accordance with your inner light. What you see before you is the key to stability and structure throughout the universe.”

I’m amazed at the clarity of the pictures entering my mind. This being seems to automatically know my thoughts.

“All conscious energy (souls) live within the energy frequency that is in phase with their personal vibratory rate. The membrane before you separates one wavelength of energy from another.”

As I stare, I can’t think of an appropriate response. I feel inadequate, like a child raking an advanced calculus class. The energy being again responds to my thoughts.

“You are ready or you would not be here. All of us are where we should be. I was once as you and you shall be as I; we are all on a great journey together. Your perception of me is inaccurate. I am but a child compared to others who dwell within the universe. The possible evolution of consciousness is unlimited. My identity is unimportant and labels are unnecessary. Remember well what you see, for the recognition and exploration of the energy membranes will have a significant impact upon the evolution of your species.”

I’m somewhat confused by the speed of the information entering my mind and ask for clarification.

“I don’t understand. The purpose for the energy membranes?”

“They simply separate different frequencies of energy from each other. You are observing the convergence point of two different dimensions. Energy membranes provide the necessary substructure for each dimension to exist. They are the internal cell walls of the living universe.”

Author Buhlman, William
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 292 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins 1996
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